Well hello there!! To new readers…great to meet you! To loyal supporters…WE’RE BACK! We’re sorry we haven’t been blogging about dogs for a little while. Hopefully our new website will help you to forgive us! Let us tell you where we’ve been and what’s happening!


For those who may be thinking “didn’t you change things around last year?” you have a very valid point. We did. But I didn’t think it was the best it could be. Frustratingly for me, I am a perfectionist.

I also needed to work out what I was actually doing with our blog, as in all honesty, I was feeling a little lost!!! I could feel Ted & Millie looking at me with quizzical eyes! I’ve learnt a lot about the blogging world over the last 2 years (still learning actually) as well as social media, marketing etc etc and we’ve been presented with lots of amazing opportunities along the way. But what is Twilight Bark? Who are we in the blogging world?!! I was learning as I went and didn’t have any clear direction. This wasn’t good for me (or more importantly you, as readers) as how could you connect with us?!

Sarah Baxter and Dachshund Ted from dog blog Twilight Bark UK


There are now so many wonderful dog blogs out there, but you obviously can’t read them all (as lovely as that would be!) All my life, I’ve always wanted to be different, so I wanted to work out how our dog blog could be different by bringing something interesting to the table for you guys. So I put my big girl pants on by doing Facebook Live earlier this year (for anyone who has done it, it’s a lot harder than it looks, isn’t it?) But there were big opinions AND doubters (including myself). Change is always a weird thing though isn’t it? I suppose we’ve all got to remember, anyone who has any kind of success, had to start somewhere. Nothing amazing happens overnight. So anyway, we now have a plan! A clearer direction. Yippee! By combining blogging AND live streaming (and really making it part of our blogging strategy) I’m hopeful we have a firm place with you in the dog world. Scroll down for more information about what’s coming up…

Photograph of our live streaming kit


As well as our dog blog, I’m also very passionate about helping fellow pet businesses. I have learnt a lot of skills over the last two years and I now have much to offer. But not every business fits with us (Plus I want to ensure you lovely Twilight Barkers are reading things which I think will genuinely interest you or help you). I absolutely pride our blog on authenticity and I don’t want to compromise on this.  So by offering my Content Creation Service AND Live Streaming Services for pet businesses directly, as well as featuring a few on our blog, I can make sure our authenticity is intact and yet I can help lots of pet businesses too. Yay!!!

Screenshot of Twilight Bark UK business services


First up: We have a Weekly Newsletter!! Woohoo!! Don’t worry, we’re not about to clog up your inbox (there’s nothing worse, is there?!) We have a great relationship with many of you via social media, but we also want to build a relationship with you here. We want YOU guys to be the first to know what’s coming up (and more importantly, how our blogs can help you). As well as this, we want to give you a sneak peak behinds the scenes of what we’re up to and even some discount codes from some of our favourite brands.

Speaking of which, we have a trio of discount codes from 3 brands which represents each of us from Twilight Bark. They’re ready and waiting for lovely subscribers, AKA The Twilight Barkers! With Christmas just around the corner, who doesn’t love a good discount code!?! And who doesn’t want to become a Twilight Barker?!! Haha! Joking aside, we’d love it if you allowed us to share you inbox once a week. Just follow the link at the bottom of this post…

A snippet of our Twilight Bark UK newsletter for our dog blog readers

Secondly: We hope you find the site easier to navigate in general (and via mobile) and hopefully our message is clearer too. If you have any further suggestions though, I’d certainly welcome them! Always happy to hear from you.

A screenshot of the new Twilight Bark UK dog blog


As Christmas party season is almost upon us (and because we felt in the party mood!) we’ve just kicked off the new website with a new blog post featuring Ted & Millie showcasing some beautiful styles from pet brand, Paws with Opulence. We found the cutest steps in Oxford which made a pawfectly regal backdrop to showcase these designs. Let us know what you think! We’re also starting to write more opinion pieces, restarting our quest to help two dogs each month find a new home, providing hints & tips and attending more events. We also have a selection of Facebook Live interviews coming up! To find out exactly what’s coming up in the coming months, be sure to subscribe to our brand new newsletter to find out more.


So no more hiding in the shadows from us. We’re leaping back in and hope you’ll join us for the ride! Are you ready??!!

Lots of love,

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx


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