Have you ever been going through your washing wondering ‘hey, where are my pink socks?!’ or “I can’t seem to find my blue bra?!” Normally the washing machine would get the blame, when in fact the culprit could be a little closer to home! Yes, it’s true, you could be living with a thief! Not just any one old either, but the four-legged kind! This week is #NationalLostSockDay so being a dog mum I thought it would be fun to ask my followers whether any of their dogs like to ‘borrow’ any of their belongings! It’s confession time! We’ve got five funny stories for you featuring Ted, Alfie, Frankie, Talulah & Henry! I’ll kick things off, as it’s safe to say my dog is a sock thief…


It's true! My dog is a sock thief! Click to read 4 funny dog tales from dog parents about their dog. This is Ted's story.

“My name is Ted…& I’m a sock thief!” I can actually imagine Ted saying this, the cheeky monkey! Ted’s obsession with socks started from a young age. Whether I’m putting socks on, taking them off or he finds them when I’m sorting the washing out, he doesn’t mind! Ted loves nothing more than racing along the corridors at home with a stolen sock! He’s not really bothered about anything else, whereas other dogs have different ideas…


It's true! My dog is a sock thief! Click to read 4 funny dog tales from dog parents about their dog. This is Alfie's story

Whilst I know my dog is a sock thief, it seems other dogs have other fashion accessories in mind when it comes to borrowing their parents possessions! Handsome Alfie belongs to talented artist, Annabel Wilson. I had the pleasure of meeting Alfie in person & had I known about his clothing article of choice, I could’ve brought one for him! You see Alfie is quite specific about what he likes to ‘borrow.’ Plus it’s pretty tough for him to be subtle about it! He loves nothing more than stealing Annabel’s dressing gown. Hilarious! There’s reasoning to his choice though. Annabel tells me he loves suckling on anything which is made from fleece, so her dressing gown makes an ideal target! See, there can be lots of planning which goes into our little dog thieves!


It's true! My dog is a sock thief! Click to read 4 funny dog tales from dog parents about their dog. This is Frankie's story...

Some dogs are quite stealth in their stealing actions, as socks etc can disappear without a trace. Others it seems, are quite brazen. I think it’s fair to say young Frankie falls into this category! Frankie may look sweet & innocent but her grandma knows only too well Frankie can actually be a little thief! Why does her Grandma know this? Well Frankie doesn’t wait for socks to be removed…she goes straight to the source & removes them in plain sight! Perhaps she’s just saving Grandma from a job later on…?!!


It's true! My dog is a sock thief! Click to read 4 funny dog tales from dog parents about their dog. This is Tallulah's story

It seems some dogs aren’t just opportunist thieves either! Some seem to have a clear strategy about what they want & which order of preference too! This is the case for young Talulah from Cosy Chic Pet Boutique! Gloves are Talulah’s first choice but in close second are socks! Perhaps she has seasonal choices so she can operate all year round? Or maybe she’s in the process of ensuring all four of her paws are kept cosy! Either way, I like her style!


Some dogs love to show off the items they’ve ‘borrowed’ and it seems dear Henry falls into this category! His item of choice? Mum’s slippers! According to his lovely Mum Rhianna, he steals them from wherever he fancies. It seems his technique has worked though, as he’s been allowed to keep one of his favourite pairs all for himself. No sharing with Mum anymore, no way! He certainly knows how to work those puppy dog eyes to his advantage (plus the outcome of his slipper antics are hilarious judging by the photo above!) Love it!


Whether your dog is a sock thief, glove thief or even a dressing gown thief I think it’s safe to say, we still love our four-legged friends! Lucky they’re just so adorable. Does your dog like to ‘borrow’ any of your belongings? If so, pop us a comment below. We’d love to hear your stories. Until next time…keep those socks safe!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx