Welcome to TWILIGHT BARK UK and our dog community! Come and meet the team and find out how each of us will help bring you the best of the dog world in the UK.

We’re Sarah, Ted & Millie. Welcome to our dog blog, Twilight Bark UK!

We’re based in Oxford and can’t wait to share our adventures with you. Discover a bit more about each of us and how we’re going to bring you the best of the dog world…

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BIRTHDAY: 24th April 2011
LIKES: Cuddles. Food. Shredding paper
DISLIKES: The rain. The cold. Not having cuddles!
NICKNAME: Boo / Ted The Shred
ROLE: Chief treat tester. Poser. Cuddle Monster

Ted is the inspiration behind TWILIGHT BARK UK. He helped me through a difficult time of hospital visits and made me open my eyes and follow my dream here. Ted’s priority in life is being loved (with eating coming in a close second!) He also loves to surround himself with the very best home comforts. To make the most of this, Ted is ready and waiting to bring you the best of the dog treats in the UK, as well as putting his posing skills to great use by wearing and relaxing in the finest dog products and showcasing these in the best way. Want to work with Ted? Get in touch HERE!


BIRTHDAY: Getting old (more grey hairs – 35!)
LIKES: Basically anything involving dogs, dogs, dogs!!
DISLIKES: Animal Cruelty
NICKNAME: Mother Nature (always rescuing animals!)
ROLE: Blogger, Live Streamer & Chief dog cuddler!

I have been obsessed with animals & particularly dogs for as long as I can remember. I am definitely a ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ so I want to help other dog loving humans discover the best items from British brands to help build on their obsession too! From fashion & homeware to practical items for dog paw’rents! You’ll also find regular comments from me about the dog world.

I’m also going to help you lovely dog lovers, dog businesses & dog charities connect with eachother in a unique and FUN way from the comfort of your own home via Live Streaming on Facebook & Instagram. This will include exclusive interviews with brands; top tips from some of the dog industry’s most influential people; individual stories from the dog community and behind the scenes visits from events & places.

Want us to showcase you in a unique and exciting way? Get in touch HERE to find out how…


BIRTHDAY: 31st December 2014
LIKES: Tennis balls. Toys which she can retrieve or throw around! Food!
DISLIKES: Separation from tennis balls!
NICKNAME: Milk / Weenie
ROLE: Chief Toy Tester. Game player and big cuddler

Millie is not only beautiful (in my opinion!) but the life and soul of TWILIGHT BARK UK! Where she finds her energy, I will never know! She’s always on the go and loves nothing more than being active and playing with toys. Millie is on hand to put this energy to great use by trialling toys and putting them through their paces, especially for you!! She also loves a good pose and wants to put her good looks to use, so she is ready to showcase the best dog products in the UK. Want to work with Millie? Get in touch HERE!






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  1. Carol Bate

    Hi Sarah – we are based “up North” and when you come this way you are very welcome to stay. We have a labrador called Hunter and a Mini Wire Doxie called Finn – we are in 3 walking dachshund groups and a fair amount of dog friendly establishments for you to blog on. Oh and we are all about dogs our company is called Hugo & Otto…check us out on http://www.hugoandotto.com For all beautiful things for dogs and because we really do care. Good luck and see you a PUPAID 5th September if you are there..we are having a stand to try and help Marc and his band a merry ladies and gents get the message out against Puppy Farming xx

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Thank you for your comment Carol, really appreciated! If we’re lucky enough to expand our travels, we’ll definitely come and say hello (do tell your friends to come and follow our blog so we have more chance!!) We will be at PupAid in the meantime though so look forward to seeing you then. I follow you on Twitter & love your stock, so will be great to see it in person. Thanks again for your support, Sarah

  2. theurbansuburbanwoman

    This sounds like the start of something big! Buggie (planter doggy with the dirty face) and I wish you lots of luck! <3
    Maybe we'll see you in the U.S. some day! 😉

  3. Twilight Bark UK

    Thanks so much to you (& Buggie!), your support is really appreciated. Hopefully lots of people will sign up and follow my blog, so we can continue our tour!! Who knows, maybe the US in the future! Thanks again and hope you continue to like what we do. I’ll continue to enjoy your blog in the meantime x

  4. Uschi

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much for following Sawyer’s adventures! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, too! Good luck! ~Uschi

  5. Lynz Real Cooking

    Hi Sarah so nice to meet you and see your blog! Please come visit me!

  6. thebluepolarbear

    hello, good luck with what you’re doing – we can make people’s dogs, cats, angels… hippopotomouses from photos in wool… honeybeeswax.com – and guess if you’re not travelling last weekend in September is bark in the Park in Petworth – nice place to walk

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Thank you for your positivity, which is really appreciated. Love the sounds of your products!! Sadly we weren’t there in September but do let us know if you’re attending any other events, as would be lovely to meet you.

      • thebluepolarbear

        Thank you… they are fun to make, sort of escapism 🙂

  7. Ailsa

    Hi Sarah, lovely to see you today. Love the website, very interested to follow you as we are real dog lovers, only ever having had rescue dogs. Good luck with your new venture.

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Thank you Ailsa, so glad you like it! Hope you’re enjoying it all so far.

  8. Barb

    Hi Sarah, thank you for the likes on my blog. I love all things dog and am looking forward to following you on your travels.

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Thank you Barb! We’re looking forward to having you along for the ride! If you have any comments or suggestions along the way, we’d love to hear them!

  9. Lance

    Good luck with the swish new site from Boris & Hettie here in Glos!

  10. Daal

    Thanks for visiting my blog– am totally charmed by yours 🙂

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Thank you so much Daal!! I’m thrilled you like it. Really appreciate the support. Hope you enjoy following our adventures! Yours looks fab too! x

  11. Daal

    what wonderful staff! looks like you all work great together – & at least 2 members work just for treats!

    • Twilight Bark UK

      Haha! Thank you. So true!! Amazing what a few treats can get you! x

  12. Roly Puggle

    Hello Sarah, Millie and Ted, loving the blog we look forward to following your adventures.


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