Dog food and dog weight are in the headlines a LOT at the moment. There are many differing opinions; from raw feeding to kibble, to making sure your dog isn’t overweight. It’s brilliant dog nutrition is being considered so strongly. Todays post aims to give you a better understanding about another type of dog food which is proving to be popular in the dog world; Cold Pressed Food.

So what is it? Why could it be worth considering? Could it work for your dog? Let me introduce you to Tribal Pet Foods and their brand new TLC (Truly Lower Celsius) range…


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So what is cold pressed dog food? Very good question! Well it comes down to how the ingredients of dog food are cooked. Rather than using fresh meat, normal kibble is often made up of meat meal (not great nutritionally). It is then cooked or ‘extruded’ at extremely high temperatures of around 140°C or more. Why is this bad? High temperatures destroy a lot of natural goodness found in the food, which means your dog misses out nutritionally.

Cold Pressed food is cooked differently at lower temperatures to help dogs receive more nutritional value from their food. Whilst it’s worth noting some still use meat meal and use processes which rely on higher temperatures, fear not! There’s a new cold pressed dog food on the market which cooks food at the lowest temperatures around, with only fresh meat (which means more nutrients are retained for your dog!) Let me tell you more…


HELP PREVENT BLOAT: If you have a dog who loves to wolf down their food (I may know one or two!) you may be familiar with bloat. Normal kibble absorbs any liquid found in the stomach of your dog which causes it to swell and cause bloat. Ouch! Tribal TLC has been ‘designed using scientific analysis of dogs’ natural consumption and digestion processes’. The outcome? The food does not swell but gradually breaks down instead. We like the sound of easy digestion!

RECEIVING THE BEST NOURISHMENT: Only 2% of the cooking process exceeds 95°C at any stage from raw to end product (Tribal TLC range cooks at the lowest temperatures on the market). This type of cooking combined with the best ingredients means your dog retains more nutrients.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Do you have a dog which is particularly sensitive to certain types of food? Well The Tribal TLC range is also hypoallergenic. Pawfect for those with sensitive tummies. ALL the ingredients have been selected and prepared so they combine to deliver the best nutritional value, more so than existing dry food. No meat meal, no grains, no white potato, no allergens and no fillers. YES!!!

NEED LESS! The weight of each piece of Tribal TLC Range weighs more than usual kibble. In fact, its weight to nutrition ratio is the highest on the market. Your dog therefore doesn’t need as much food, so in theory, the food should last even longer – great for the purse strings! Be sure to weigh your food so you don’t inadvertently overfeed.

Click to discover more about the new cold pressed dog food range from Tribal Pet Foods. Ted was very keen to try it!

Ted was very keen to give Tribal a try!

A range for dogs of all ages

Ted always know to keep his eyes on the prize!

As your dog matures, their dietary requirements change. With the new Tribal TLC range, they cater for dogs of all ages. From Pups-to-Adults-to-Seniors, there’s a cold pressed food for everyone! How do they differ and why could they benefit your dog? Let me tell you a little bit more about each of them…

Tribal TLC Puppy (Turkey):

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Whilst I don’t have a puppy at home (sad times!) I know many of you do. Compared to the Adult and Senior range, the biscuit nuggets are slightly smaller and thinner, as shown in the photos below. This means those little teeth work hard, but not too hard! By being higher in proteins and healthy fats, these biscuits support puppies from weaning to adulthood. All the nutrients are bundled together with Brewer’s Yeast too. What is that you may ask? Well it provides mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) which is proven to support the immune system. Pawfect for growing pups!

Tribal TLC Adult (Salmon & Turkey):

There are two available flavours in the Adult range: Turkey and Salmon. Turkey is a great alternative to chicken as it is a healthy protein source but it is less allergenic. Ted & Millie’s personal favourite was the Salmon though! Delicious! Millie in particular was absolutely desperate to get into this bag before I’d even opened it! It is made from fresh salmon and whole fish hydrolysate (fish which has been broken down into smaller protein chunks). This provides a good all-round meal full of good fats which can help with skin and a shiny coat! If this wasn’t good enough, special supplements have also been added with the aim to support joints. Worth noting the fish is also MSC certified, so you’re helping protect the high seas, as well as your dog!

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Gobble, gobble. Time for Turkey, anyone?

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Millie wanted to get into the Adult Salmon range immediately!

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The Salmon was a particularly big hit in our household!

Tribal TLC Senior (Turkey):

Ted will be seven this year (I still can’t believe it) and is edging ever closer to the senior stage of life. Weight gain can be a particular struggle for older dogs as they may start to slow down, so it becomes even more important to consider their diet. The Senior Turkey TLC Range is currently the only cold pressed food made specifically for senior dogs. It has been specially formulated so it provides fewer calories but it is balanced by twice as much support for joints. Pawfection!

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After reading the above, you may have some additional questions. Well on Thursday 15th February at 6pm, I’ll be interviewing Tribal Founder, Fatima Maktari, over on the Tribal Pet Foods Facebook page! I’m so excited!! We’ll be live for around half-an-hour talking all things doggy nutrition and cold-pressed dog food. We’d love to see you there!


From what I’ve learnt so far (and from observing Ted & Millie’s initial reactions) I’m definitely tempted to switch! Worth noting if you do switch dog food, you should do so gradually and follow the instructions from the dog food brand. So, has your dog tried cold pressed dog food before? Tempted? Pop us a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts about dog nutrition.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx

*This post is Sponsored by Tribal Pet Foods but all opinions are my own


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