Sometimes you’ll come across a brand which really resonates with you and your dog and that’s how I felt when I first met Beco Pets; an eco-friendly dog brand focusing on fun and healthy products (which are good for your dog and the environment too). It was a real honour to subsequently be invited to host Beco Pets first ever Facebook LIVE interview, with Co-Founders George Bramble & Toby Massey. Today I’ll be recapping on my experience at Beco Pets HQ but first, I want to tell you all about Millie’s Top Three favourite Dog Toys from this amazing brand! I think your dog may love them as much we do…

Beco Pets with Founders George Bramble & Toby Massey

Here I am with Beco Pets Founders, Toby Massey & George Bramble, before we went LIVE on Facebook!


There’s so much to love about Beco Pets; from food bowls to an incredible range of dog food (and so much more – you can find out ALL about them in our Facebook LIVE interview towards the end of this blog post!) For now though, I’m going to focus on our personal favourite so far…THEIR TOYS!! As Millie is Chief Toy Taster, these are her Top Three (especially for you…)

Eco-Friendly Beco Toys

Enough photos, let’s play!! Even Ted wanted to join in!

The Beco Ball (£4.49 – £9.99)

If you follow any of our social media channels, you’ll have no doubt seen shots of Millie playing with her all time favourite toy; The Beco Ball. When I say this is her favourite toy, I am not exaggerating! She always seeks this ball out, above any other ball / toy we have at home. She would play with this ALL day if she could! They’re not just for small dogs either as you can choose from 4 Beco Ball sizes and 3 colours.

Eco-Friendly Beco Ball dog toy in Pink

Medium Beco Ball (£5.49)

Eco-Friendly Beco Ball dog toy in green

Small Beco Ball (£4.49)

So what makes them so good? Firstly, the size. We have the Medium and Small and it’s the Small which definitely gets Millie’s vote! Being a small dog, I think she enjoys carrying something petite which isn’t a struggle for her little mouth. Secondly, the texture. It is unlike any other ball I’ve found on the market to date and I think it’s this texture, which Millie simply loves. Made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, she can squash it between her teeth but it remains remarkably untouched. From our experience it’s exceedingly hardwearing (we’ve actually had her green one since last year and it’s still in great condition considering it’s used multiple times a day!)

Dog with Eco-Friendly dog toy (Beco ball)

Millie’s happy place!

Dog with eco-friendly dog toy (Beco Ball)

Coming through!!!

Given it’s light nature, it can be also be thrown far, so she can have lots of fun chasing it. Each ball is also hollow, which means you can even hide treats inside! For me, the Beco Ball is the benchmark for all other balls in the dog world. Personally, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

George The Giraffe (£6.99 – £11.99)

Fancy something different to play with at home (or even take on walkies like we do!) then George The Giraffe could be the one for you! Millie absolutely adores George, one of six adorable animal themed toys on offer. Did you know, each of the Six animal characters are actually named after Staff Members at Beco Pets?! Absolutely love it, as it really goes to show their sense of humour and the family feel of this brand.

Eco-Friendly dog toy, George The Giraffe

George The Giraffe (he’s a smashing fellow!)

Eco-Friendly dog toy by Beco Pets

The one time a dachshund will be taller than a giraffe!

dog with eco-friendly dog toy from Beco Pets, George the Giraffe

A pawfect alternative to take with you on walkies!

dog with eco-friendly dog toy from Beco Pets (George the Giraffe)

Yippee!! George The Giraffe is a great walkies pal!

Each toy comes in three sizes (Millie models with the smallest George The Giraffe) as she likes to carry toys around where possible! This one is ideal for gallivanting around with, as you can see! The texture is really interesting too as the toy is stuffed with recycled bottles (and even has a squeaker so it’s great to attract your dog’s attention). The toys are hard wearing from our experience, yet also soft too. A great alternative to the average dog toy.

BALL ON A ROPE (£6.99 – £9.99)

If Millie hadn’t already discovered the pure joy of the Beco Ball, the Beco Pets Ball on a Rope would undoubtedly have been a firm favourite for Millie! Despite it being the same material, it is heavier due to the rope and I think for this reason, Millie prefers the lighter version of the Beco Ball (lazy girl!) Don’t get me wrong, this rope toy is fantastic, I just wish I had introduced it to Millie sooner as sadly in her mind, nothing quite compares to the Beco Ball (obsessed much?!!)

Eco-Friendly Dog rope toy from Beco Pets

Ball on a Rope (£6.99-9.99)

Eco-Friendly Dog Rope Toy from Beco Pets

Ball diameter ranges from 5cm to 7.5cm

The rope is 100% cotton and toxin free and is extremely strong and durable. This would make a great toy to take to the park for a game of fetch or even a fun tug of war for perhaps slightly larger, sturdier dogs. The Rope Toy comes in two sizes and three colours (Pink, Blue & Green). My advice though, if your dog has slight obsessional tendencies like Millie (!) introduce this toy first before The Beco Ball, so your dog has the opportunity to really enjoy it!

Eco-friendly rope toy from Beco Pets

Millie’s busy smiling with her Ball on a Rope!

Dog with Eco-Friendly Rope Toy from Beco Pets

It’s tiring work playing with such great toys!


Whilst the Beco Pets toys are AMAZING, there’s so much more to know about this incredible eco-friendly brand. Like to know more?! Your wish is my command! Either check out their fab website HERE or watch my exclusive Facebook LIVE at Beco Pets HQ below (just in case you missed it!) I joined Founders Toby Massey & George Bramble to hear about the Beco Pets story and give followers an opportunity to ask any burning questions!


So there we go! I hope you enjoyed your very exclusive ‘All Access Pass’ to Beco Pets HQ! I hope it gave you a fun way to hear about this brand (from the very people who created it!) Exciting!! Which is YOUR favourite Beco Pets product? Drop us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you…

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx


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