WOW!! This heatwave’s got us all a little hot under the collar, hasn’t it?! In the case of our dogs, literally! I don’t know about you, but one of the ways I like to cool down, is indulging in a good old ice cream. What about our four-legged friends though?! Well I know the pawfect little place where you can not only treat yourself to an ice cream, but your dog can have their very own dog ice cream too. Sounds like heaven?! Well let me tell you about Morelli’s Gelato – a pawfect place for dogs and their humans…

Two dachshunds outside Morelli's Gelato

Grab a friend & treat yourselves to ice cream!


I’m always going to love somewhere which offers sweet treats (my waistline will confirm this!) and I’ll love it even more if I can bring Ted & Millie too (not that I need encouraging!) Morelli’s Gelato is the pawfect place to bring these two things together! Their trademark ice cream recipe has been in the UK since 1907, with their first official ice cream parlour opening in 1932 in Broadstairs, Kent where you can still find it today (not many places can say the same!) As well as Kent (and worldwide destinations!) you can also find them in London, with stores in Covent Garden as well as on the iconic Portobello Road in Notting Hill, which is where we were kindly invited to!

View of Morelli's Gelato Notting HillDachshund outside Morelli's Gelato


The ice cream parlour in Notting Hill is just too cute!! Two little tables and chairs await outside so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Portobello Road and take in some people (and dog) watching whilst enjoying a refreshing ice cream each! Prefer to be inside? Your dog can come in there too! The owners of Morelli’s Gelato are big dog lovers and recognise people not only like to bring their dogs with them, but also like to treat them too. That’s why all of their ice cream parlours in the UK are dog-friendly and they’ve launched a fabulous ‘dog gelato’, especially for our four-legged friends. Let me tell you more…

Morelli's Gelato

One scoop or two?!


I’m sure we’ve all felt the eyes of our dogs on us, pleading to share our ice creams with them (damn those puppy dog eyes!) but as you know, it’s probably not the best for them and you’ll undoubtedly see why, a few hours after they eaten some of yours! This is where Morelli’s Gelato for dogs comes in!! Hurrah!! They have created an ice cream which is dairy free, gluten free AND sugar free (but still super delicious!) meaning your dog can enjoy his or her special ice cream, while you enjoy yours.

Dogs eating Morelli's Gelato

Ted: “It’s MY ice cream.” Millie: “No, it’s MY ice cream.”

As with any new treat try to make sure your dog eats in moderation for their first try (which, as I experienced, can be tricky!) To be fair, I find it difficult to eat such scrumptious ice cream in moderation, so I can see why my dogs felt the same! I wasn’t sure what Ted & Millie would think as they’d never had ice cream before (bad dog Mum!) but they absolutely loved it!! As you can see from the photos below, Ted & Millie had very different ideas about how to eat the ice cream though!

Morelli's Gelato

Ted likes to assess his ice cream first…

Morelli's Gelato

Ted then likes to savour each lick…

Morelli's Gelato

Millie also likes to size up her ice cream but then…

Morelli's Gelato

There’s nothing delicate about Millie’s eating approach when it comes to this ice cream!

If your dog isn’t with you when you pass a Morelli’s Gelato store, don’t worry, as they don’t need to miss out! You can even take home litre or half litre packs with you instead, so your dog can enjoy the deliciousness in their own home. Pawfection!


Think it’s safe to say, we had a fab time visiting Morelli’s Gelato!! Ice cream + dogs = Happy human & pups! Next time we’re in London or Kent, we know where we’ll be heading! Not only did the dogs enjoy their ice cream but I also enjoyed mine (I can highly recommend the Sri Lankan coconut!) A huge Thank You to Morelli’s Gelato (and the people of Notting Hill who were unbelievably friendly) for making us feel so welcome. Ted & Millie were certainly spoilt with delicious ice cream and tons of love.

Morelli's Gelato

Has your dog ever tried dog ice cream? What did they think? I would love to hear your thoughts about it and other ways you keep your dog cool in this Summer heat! Want to know more about Morelli’s Gelato in the meantime? Be sure to check them out on Facebook & Instagram (be prepared for your mouth to water!!)

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx

*This post is Sponsored by Morelli’s Gelato






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