I’ve been lucky to attend a lot of events for the blog this year, so when I went to Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace last month, I wanted to do something a little different from my usual style of review. I know what I like about exploring the countryside with Ted & Millie, but as the event was essentially about celebrating all that is great in the countryside, I thought this was a golden opportunity to speak to dog owners about what they think is great about our British countryside and how they explore it with their dogs! Come and see who I met, grab some dog walking inspiration for you and your dog and find out why we should all feel very proud of our British countryside!




This stunning Great Dane is Vim, who was on holiday with his pawrents all the way from Holland! It was great to speak to someone from outside of the UK and hear their experience of exploring the British countryside with their dog. According to Vim’s owner we’re very lucky! They love the fact we have so many great open spaces to explore in the UK which means dogs like Vim have plenty of space to run around; ideal for those long legs! They’ve also found us brits are a lot more welcoming to such a huge dog. People actively seek out Vim to stroke him when they’re exploring all the great dog walks here, whereas back in Holland, people actually cross the street to avoid him! Who would want to avoid this face?!


Rosie was such a cutie! From speaking with her lovely family, she adds so much to their lives. So what does Rosie love to do with her family in the countryside? Well this is her favourite time of year as she just LOVES exploring the amazing wheat fields which we’re lucky to find up and down the country. There’s so much to sniff out and as it’s different to your average dog walk, Rosie loves nothing more than running into these fields and leaping up into the air as she goes, providing much laughter from her family too! With the changing seasons there are always a variety of incredible landscapes for you and your dog to admire!

What’s your favourite season for walkies with your dog??


Megan is incredibly 15 years young, but does she let her age stop her from enjoying the countryside?!! Absolutely not!! According to her humans, she absolutely adores her walks and still goes out three times a day!! Given her age, Megan prefers softer ground for her paws, so the fact we’re all spoilt with the number of green spaces around us in the UK, including some stunning grounds as part of The National Trust, it means Megan and all of our dogs are never too far away from some pawsome adventures.


Now Louis here isn’t a big fan of the sunshine so his preferred walks include exploring the amazing woodland we can find in the UK. Lots of shade and naturally cool, the woodland gives dogs like Louis the perfect place to explore. There are so many places to sniff (& leave your mark!) plus woodland offers great solace from the elements! I can’t wait for the beautiful autumnal colours soon!



Buddy only recently found a new home via The RSPCA (this was his 1st event since being rescued!) He’s looking forward to more dog-friendly adventures!


Some dogs like Chips here prefer someone else to do the walking!



Some just enjoy lying in the sunshine (especially in their cooling t-shirt suit from Equafleece)

French Bulldog Puppy

Gorgeous Frenchie puppy Freddie has got lots of countryside adventures ahead of him as he grows up


Handsome Archie loves nothing more than a good run around in the countryside with his pals


So aren’t we lucky?? I certainly think so! What are YOUR favourite type of walks with your dog? Let us know!

Looking for some great walks to explore with your dog?? Click on the links below for some inspiration…

The National Trust

The Forestry Commission

The Woodland Trust









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