Dogs change people’s lives in many ways and I LOVE meeting people who have been inspired to do something because of their love of dogs (especially when that special ‘something’ is to help raise awareness of rescue dogs!) One such person is someone I have been admiring for a while; dog artist and illustrator Annabel Wilson. Annabel has undertaken the most wonderful project to draw a rescue dog each day for the month of August. Come and find out a little more about Annabel’s #RescueDogDaysOfSummer project, see some of her beautiful work, take a peek at our Facebook Live interview with her and find out how there’s still time for YOUR rescue dog to be drawn by Annabel!



Annabel is a full-time teacher, but since discovering a talent for drawing dogs only two years ago, self-taught artist Annabel has seen her drawings star in their own Facebook page (Twinklets) as well as featuring in the recently published new book, Saving Maya, from talented anti-puppy farming campaigner Janetta Harvey.



Annabel decided to put her amazing skills to more great use and set herself a challenge this August! Knowing that August is one of the busiest times for dogs to be surrendered to animal rescue charities (people losing patience with puppies bought for a Christmas present or not wanting to pay for boarding kennels while they go on holiday etc) Annabel thought by drawing a rescue dog a day, it would help celebrate the positives of adopting a rescue dog and highlight how great they are! And your rescue dog could be drawn by Annabel!



Do you have a rescue dog?? Would you like your dog to be drawn by Annabel as part of the #RescueDogDaysOfSummer project? All you need to do is upload a good quality photograph of your dog using the hashtag #RescueDogDaysOfSummer to either Annabel’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages. Annabel then puts all names into an app to see which dog she’ll be drawing for the remaining days of August!

Take a look at some of the lucky pooches she has drawn so far…


Fernando is the newly adopted dog of the owner of puppy-mill survivor & campaigner Harley who sadly passed away this year. Fernando is helping heal the heart of his adoptive mum.

RDDOS Buddy057

Handsome Buddy was rescued by his human. He was found in a shocking state but overcame the odds & survived. He now has in own Facebook page: Buddy Dog – The Rescue Staffy!

Mila Spanish Galgo

Beautiful Mila a Spanish Galgo, was rescued from Spain. She had the most awful head injury & was left to die. Now she’s shown all the love she deserves and makes her human very happy

RDDOS no 4 Polly048

Pretty Polly was adopted from The Blue Cross having originally been sold in a pub at 7 weeks old to someone who no longer wanted her! Now she has a pet passport & loves exploring with her human

RDDOS no 20 Scout054

Scout is almost completely blind & was rescued as a stray. He is now an ambassador for East Midlands Dog Rescue (one of the charities who helped rescue him) Scout the shortsighted hound is his Facebook page!

Want to know more?? Check out the Facebook Live video I did with Annabel to learn more about the #RescueDogDaysOfSummer project and see her drawing the gorgeous Scoobie-Roo below! I think this is a fantastic project, so if you have a rescue dog, make sure you enter! You’ll then receive an electronic image of your dog which you can treasure forever as well as helping to spread the word that rescue dogs are great dogs!!

TWILIGHT BARK UK meets…dog artist & illustrator Annabel Wilson to talk about her latest project #RescueDogDaysOfSummer

Posted by TWILIGHT BARK UK on Sunday, 21 August 2016







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