If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know we love and admire the work of animal charities across the UK and do our best to support them where we can. One charity which is a particular favourite of ours is The Mayhew Animal Home, based in London. So imagine my delight when I was invited to the Grand Opening of their new and improved Mayhew Veterinary Clinic, opened by none other than documentary extraordinaire and someone I personally admire, Louis Theroux! Let me tell you all about the launch and also give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Jeanne Marchig Veterinary Suite and Training Wing, which will enable The Mayhew to provide even more care to animals in need.



The Mayhew originally opened their Community Veterinary Clinic in 2006 and during this time they have helped thousands of animals. From preventative health care and local community veterinary support, to dealing with all animals arriving at the rescue centre too. Some arrive with devastating injuries or suffering from severe neglect. Not only do The Mayhew help animals but they are also a teaching hospital for both national and international students; essentially helping the next generation of vets who will help the animals of tomorrow. The original clinic only had one operating theatre and as extra time is needed when teaching (about 50% extra time in fact) it often meant circumstances wouldn’t allow The Mayhew to reach its potential teaching power. Such a shame when there was so much potential to do even more good!


In order for The Mayhew to continue its work as an internationally recognised Training centre for veterinary professionals, as well as increasing the number of animals they help on site, it was agreed expansion was needed! The Mayhew were fortunate to receive a Grant from The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust enabling them to have two new operating theatres and a rejuvenated clinic! This will mean the difference between teaching more veterinary professionals as well giving The Mayhew more capacity to offer free and low-cost vaccinations /microchipping and expanding their community animal welfare programmes.


So after all the hard work had been completed, it was time to celebrate the opening of The Mayhew Veterinary Clinic, which will be life changing for so many animals and future veterinary professionals. We all gathered in the garden of The Mayhew, enjoyed a glass of fizz and some delicious canapes when the guest of honour, Louis Theroux, arrived to unveil the shiny new clinic!! Before cutting the ribbon we received speeches from The Mayhew’s CEO Caroline Yates, The Jeanne Marchig Trust, Chief Veterinary Officer Ursula Goetz and of course Louis Theroux!

IMG_7353 (1)

Louis Theroux spoke beautifully about the role of relationships between humans and animals. Here’s a little glimpse at what he had to say…


Being in London, the site of The Mayhew may not be the largest, but it has been carefully transformed using every available piece of space in the most amazing of ways and the outcome, as you can see, are some very impressive facilities! State of the art equipment, a well thought out layout and even natural light in the operating theatres will make such a difference to the working environment. Dogs and cats now have their own separate housing quarters when recovering from veterinary treatments to minimise stress levels and the addition of the second operating theatre means operations like dental work, which can often leave a lot of dirt and bacteria in the air, can now take place anytime thanks to special filters being in place (when normally such work would need to wait until the end of the day to avoid contaminating other procedures).


It is fair to say the evening was a great celebration of all the efforts of The Mayhew; Vets, Nurses, Staff and volunteers all showed how proud and excited they are about the new addition to their clinic. From speaking with several team members, this clinic will make such a difference to their daily working life and will help them deliver so much more to the local community and further afield. It was a privilege to a be a part of their celebrations and it is wonderful to see how such a passionate charity are growing from strength to strength. If you’d like to find out more about the work of The Mayhew, you can do so HERE.







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