We’re hopeless romantics here at TWILIGHT BARK UK and simply adore a great love story (especially any which involve four-legged friends!) If you follow any of our social media pages, you may have seen we launched a very special search in January to find people who have been lucky enough to find love because of their dogs! Well guess what??!! We found some!! Quite a lot in fact (which gives us hope!) So as it’s Valentine’s weekend, why not let us help you get into the spirit of L.O.V.E and settle down with us (not literally!!) as we share some of our favourites which were sent in by some lovely people (and their dogs of course!) Hopefully Ted is taking some notes…



Chihuahua’s may be small in size but they can bring BIG amounts of love as Nicola soon found out while working as a Veterinary Nurse. Cute bundle Izzy attended a Puppy Party at the Veterinary practice in Scotland and life would never be the same again! Izzy obviously didn’t attend on her own; she was joined by her owner David, who incidentally attended the same school as Nicola in the past, although neither really knew one another back then (obviously because Izzy wasn’t around to work her magic and bring them together!)

Nicola and David started to talk more at the practice after another Puppy Party to help with Izzy’s confidence and during her puppy health checks. After a few messages out of work, they finally agreed to meet up to take Izzy for a walk along with Nicola’s parents staffy, Lola. Two hours passed by in a flash and it was the start of a relationship which has been growing from strength to strength over the last 2  1/2 years, with even the purchase of their first home together last year. Nicola often says to David “I will always be grateful for Izzy to bringing him into my life, I can’t imagine it any other way now.” Well done Izzy for bringing Nicola and David together!!!


It seems Chihuahua’s are some of the best when it comes to helping steer cupids arrow, as next we have one of the cutest proposals we’ve ever seen!! Meet Lee and Keeley and their gorgeous dogs Boo & Binky. Lee wanted to propose to Keeley and knowing how much their dogs mean to her, wanted to find a way to involve them in the big proposal! It took 2 hours of preparation from the cutting of the treats, to spelling out some rather important words (!) and editing the video (but only an impressive 40 seconds for Boo & Binky to devour the treats!) Lee then played the video below to Keeley while on a romantic trip to London and we think the end result speaks for itself! Well Done Lee, Boo & Binky for such a fabulous proposal. Congratulations both!!


Our next round of romantics show how a dog with social media presence helped bring one couple together! Meet John and his dogs Bobbie & George. Bobbie the gorgeous 8 year old GSD x Wolfhound appeared on ITV2’s ‘Top Dog Model’ programme and following his appearance, John decided to set up Facebook & Twitter accounts for Bobbie (and also use them as his own account). Some time later, John replied to a Facebook invitation to confirm his attendance at a charity event; but to an outsider it looked like a dog had replied, which is exactly what Michelle thought! When John and Michelle finally met on the night (and Michelle discovered John was a human, not a dog!) it was a great ice breaker and they hit it off immediately! A dog walk with Michelle, Bobbie and John’s other dog George later cemented yet another great love story which has blossomed over the past 8 months. They now all live together on a narrowboat and look forward to a long and happy future together. Well done Bobbie for bringing John and Michelle together (and George for helping finalise it!)


Last but by no means least, we just had to include a story from one of our Instagram friends from The USA! Prada or Pradalicious as she’s known on Insta is a 9 year old dachshund x terrier mix who helped Colleen’s husband Matt propose! Colleen said ‘my husband knew the way to my heart was through my dog’ and it seems he was right!! Tying the engagement ring to Prada’s collar and a note which said ‘Will you marry me?” Matt sent Prada in to wake up Colleen one morning. Surely the best start to the day ever!?!! Matt apparently said he chose Prada to help him propose as he knows Colleen can never say no to her; luckily for Matt, this is true as Colleen accepted his proposal and they’re now happily married (Prada was even ‘Dog of Honor’ at their wedding!!) Such a beautiful story. Well done Prada and Matt!


A huge THANK YOU to Nicola & David, Lee & Keeley, John & Michelle and Colleen & Matt for sharing their wonderful stories with us, so we could share them with you. Wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s weekend and continued happiness together (and with your dogs!!!) Here’s to everyone else, whether single, with a partner or married just remember…your dog loves you everyday, not just Valentine’s Day! xxx