Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve had a fantastic day. Ted and I have spent a lovely lazy Sunday with my mum and dad. Ted was particularly pleased with this outcome as it means extra cuddles and also some chicken from mum’s delicious roast (a moment on the lips…doesn’t seem to matter when roast chicken is on the menu apparently!!) Hopefully some of you have had a chance to read Part Two of our blog from yesterday about Blue Cross, but don’t worry if not, there’s still plenty of time to read ALL about it. Don’t leave us just yet though!! If you did read it (gold star pinging its way to you as we speak!) then you’ll know we’re tackling a somewhat difficult topic in Part Three today (I know it’s super tempting to switch your screen off now, especially combined with Sunday blues potentially lurking) but please bear with me as this is important to read and you need to hear how Blue Cross can really help.


The downside to owning a dog (yes that’s right, even I acknowledge there is one!) is that they leave us far too early. You’ve just got over the puppy training, feeding routines and recall, then in a blink of an eye it’s time to say goodbye to a huge part of your family. Having experienced this many times in my life (and no doubt you have too) I think some key points which really stand out to me during such times are:

  1. How the news is delivered to me that it might be time to say goodbye
  2. Where the goodbye should take place
  3. Is there any help afterwards?

Blue Cross understand the complexities of dealing with this situation and fortunately have devised a tried and tested method for helping overcome this quite frankly distressing time in several ways:


Rather than using the standard clinic room, Blue Cross have created a larger treatment room in a quieter part of the hospital, with a sofa (and no time limit) for owners and their dogs to use. They can have some quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital and in a less clinical environment, to have extra time with their dog (and the veterinary staff) to discuss everything they need to know and also spend time together before saying goodbye.


Owners can either stay for the goodbye or leave their dog with the fantastic Blue Cross staff, knowing that they have had some good quality time to say goodbye and have had the chance to make an informed choice. Either way, the owner knows their pet has been treated with the love and dignity he or she deserves when making their final journey.


Blue Cross have created a Pet Bereavement Support Service, with carefully trained staff at the end of the line. This service incredibly is available every day of the year from 8.30am until 8.30pm with the aim of providing free and emotional support to ANYONE who is affected by the loss or expected loss of a pet. So even if you’re not a client of Blue Cross, there’s someone there to listen to you. To learn more please follow the link to the website at the bottom of this blog post.

It is so refreshing to hear Blue Cross place such importance on the process of saying goodbye. Many people may think “it’s just a dog” but these animals are often family members and even in some cases their only friend or a link to a happier life in the past. Yes it’s part of life, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an opportunity to make this process as positive as possible. Well done to you Blue Cross, more people need to follow suit!!


So I promised I would try to make Part Three uplifting (which is difficult given the topic!) and also sadly tomorrow will be our last blog post about Blue Cross (wow, I’m really failing on this uplifting malarkey) but fear not, Part Four is just around the corner with other exciting blog posts being planned as we speak including some fun travels once I’ve shifted this bug! If that hasn’t made you smile at least, then hopefully the picture below will give you the extra lift you’ll need to turn that frown upside down! It’s Ted and my mum’s dog, Milly (they’re best buds!) and you can see even more of their antics over on Instagram! Ted’s really working the sulky teenage look in this pic! Anyway, come back tomorrow for the Fourth Instalment about Blue Cross. You don’t want to miss the last one, so get following so you don’t miss out! See you tomorrow and if you have one, don’t forget to give your dog an extra squeeze and cuddle tonight; we’re very lucky to have them x








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