Wow, hasn’t this weekend been a scorcher?!?! If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog in your life, we hope you’ve been finding time to enjoy some of the sunshine with them. There are many dogs who would love to be enjoying the sunshine with someone like you, but unbelievably more and more dogs are being signed over to charities by their families. Today we’re going to introduce you to two gorgeous boys who have found themselves in the hands of Bath Cats & Dogs Home having been signed over by their owners. Come and meet the boys, Luca and Ziggy!!



#SundayDogStories:Well isn’t Ziggy a gorgeous gentleman?!! Unbelievably Labrador Cross Ziggy was signed over to Bath Cats & Dogs Home earlier this year. 5 months this boy has been waiting for a home to call his own! Could it be with you or someone you know? Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll around town with this dapper gent on your arm?!? If you were to take a stroll with Ziggy, it would need to be somewhere quiet. He’s a gentleman of 6 years of age who enjoys quiet sophistication…Talk Radio rather than music, a gentle stroll on a path rather than running in a field and most importantly he needs love. He suffers from separation anxiety, no doubt made worse having been left at Bath Cats & Dogs Home after spending 6 years of his life somewhere else.

Could we help Ziggy find someone who will appreciate his quirks and show him he doesn’t need to be anxious about being on his own…because he no longer will need to be?? If you need more convincing, check out this lovely video of him playing below (well even a dapper gent like Ziggy needs to let his hair down from time to time!) If you’d like more information about Ziggy, find all you need to know HERE.



#SundayDogStories: We think you’ll agree, Luca is a handsome hunk! Well this gorgeous Rottweiler has been on the lookout for a home for 6months now, having found himself being handed over to Bath Cats & Dogs Home in December after his family spilt up. Not exactly the best Christmas gift for this chap! How he hasn’t found a new family to love him after all this time is baffling to us! He’s 5 years old now and is quite simply a bundle of love. He adores people and has earnt himself the name of Luca Bear from the team of Bath Cats & Dogs Home as he is such a softy and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap to get lots of cuddles! He may not be a small dog, but this doesn’t stop him from trying!

Despite his humans giving him up, humans are definitely Luca’s favourite thing. How dogs still love humans, even when they’ve been abandoned by them, never ceases to amaze us. Luca has clearly been loved at some point given his adoration and interaction withhumans, but it’s likely he didn’t receive a lot of socialisation, as he’s unsure of other dogs so he needs to be in a quiet area so he doesn’t need to encounter any. He’s obviously a large boy so his size many deter some people, but it really shouldn’t…he’s a big boy with an even bigger heart who needs some love. Could it be with you or someone you know?? Check out his video below if you need a little more convincing or find more information about Luca HERE.


As always, thank you for taking the time on your Sunday to read the stories of Ziggy & Luca.Please help share their stories and use the hashtag SundayDogStories if you do. We hope Ziggy & Luca won’t need to wait long until they’re finally in a home they can call their own for the rest of their lives; the way it should be for every dog in our opinion. Well Done to Bath Cats & Dogs Home for keeping these boys safe in the meantime. If you’d like to find out more about their work, you can do so HERE. Lots of luck, hugs, and kisses to Luca & Ziggy,you really deserve fabulous homesxxx

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