Today is a special day. Not only is it Valentine’s Day but it’s our first #SundayDogStories, where every fortnight, we feature the stories of dogs looking for a home. As it’s the day of love, we’re hoping someone out there has extra room in their heart to help share these stories or even better, adopt one of these cuties! Today we’re featuring dogs from our friends The Mayhew Animal Home in London.


tia long stayer

Meet the beautiful Tia! A gorgeous 6 year old Staffy & Whippet cross. Tia had grown up in a loving home where she lived happily with her wonderful owner until one day, the worst day of Tia’s life happened; her owner passed away. Tia’s world would never be the same and after living in a home environment for so long, she suddenly found herself away from the person she loved the most and in a completely new environment. Everything which was ever familiar to her all but disappeared in a blink of an eye. Tia has been at The Mayhew Animal Home since August 2015. August!! Far too long for a face so sweet!! The good news is that Tia is very loved by everyone at The Mayhew who try to make everyday as fun and loving as possible. From the look of her waggy tail and playful nature in this video below, it shows!

While she’s in great hands though, wouldn’t it be great if her waggy tail could be find its way to a wonderful home instead? You can find out more about Tia HERE.


3 Pups Before_2

Let us introduce (from L-R) Hope (now named Leo), Sky and Pearl! Aren’t they adorable? Can you imagine putting them into a cardboard box, in the pouring rain and leaving them on the side of the road?? No, nor can we, but someone out there did (oh and did we mention they did it on Boxing Day!?!) Thankfully a passerby heard their cries and they were rescued by The Mayhew. At just a few weeks old the 2 girls and 1 boy had already endured a tough start; all undernourished, covered in lice, with poor Leo suffering from Alopecia and a severely swollen stomach. Luckily after excellent veterinary treatment from The Mayhew and probably the first time they’ve been shown love, their joyous personalities started to shine through! Check out the video of them below playing when they first arrived with the team…

Pearl and Sky are now ready and waiting for their new home (with Leo searching for his in a few weeks once he has been neutered). Could it be with you? Find all the information you need about them HERE.


Loki long stayer

Meet the handsome Loki! A 1 year old Husky & Lurcher Cross. This young chap has also been at The Mayhew since August after a tragic start to life. Given his breeding and his age, of course he likes to let off steam a bit and have a good play. Who wouldn’t?! Well imagine if you couldn’t. Imagine there was nowhere for you to sit, let alone play? Sadly, this is what Loki experienced as a puppy. Found tethered in an alleyway and sleeping outdoors, he was rescued by Animal Welfare Officers. How anyone could leave this handsome chap outside with no love is just shocking, especially as he’s so young. Luckily he can now run and play with others from The Mayhew as this video shows…

Let’s hope someone out there has the time and love to provide Loki with a much better start to this new chapter of his life. We think you’ll agree, he certainly deserves it. You can find more details about Loki HERE.


Well done to The Mayhew Animal Home for looking after these beautiful dogs for the last few months. They’re lucky to be at such a wonderful rescue centre until they find their forever home. If you’d like more details about The Mayhew you can either read our previous blog about them HERE or visit their website HERE. In the meantime, please share these #SundayDogStories and use the hashtag as we know how social media can help. Imagine if by sharing their stories, you helped transform the lives of these dogs? It could happen…!! We’ll be back with more #SundayDogStories in a fortnight. Thank you for reading xxx