Many, many years ago, one gorgeous sunny day, I remember walking through Central London when I spotted a middle-aged woman approaching me, pushing a buggy. As she came closer I noticed this wasn’t a ‘normal’ buggy. Why? Well instead of a baby, a dog was in there. I hadn’t seen anything like it before! I chuckled to myself initially & then I made a snap judgement – I thought dogs should be allowed to walk, not be pushed around in a buggy. Well, how wrong was I?!! Did I ask why the dog was in there? No. Could there have been an important reason for the dog to be in there? Yes! Since Millie was diagnosed with IVDD, I realise this more so now than ever…

Recently Miss Millie has very kindly been loaned a dog buggy of her own, so today, I’m going to share with you why I think there is most definitely a time and a place for a dog buggy (and to be aware if you ever see one…)


As you may have seen in past posts here, Millie was diagnosed with IVDD in November & had to have spinal surgery. Millie has since had a mini relapse. I always knew it was a possibility, as reoccurrence is quite common. Thankfully no surgery for Millie this time, as strict rest worked, but its meant we’ve had to restart all of her recovery again. With the warmer weather starting to show, I’ve been feeling more guilty than normal about Millie missing out on all the fresh air. I can tell she’s desperate to be outside too (she’s such a social butterfly normally, so being inside for the majority of the day isn’t fun in the slightest).


Our friend Zena from Huxley Hound was loaned a dog buggy by an incredible group, Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, when her dachshund was diagnosed last year too. This wonderful group, established by Charlotte Baldwin, offers support & raises funds for equipment like dog buggys, wheelchairs etc for those whose dogs are suffering with IVDD. Isn’t that amazing?! Charlotte very kindly agreed to extend the loan to our dear Millie. What an angel! I felt like a lifeline had been given to the outside world again.

So at the beginning of April I set off to Huxley Hound HQ to collect Millie’s very own dog buggy (or as I now call it, Millie’s ‘Daxie Taxi’). I was beyond excited to collect it, as the thought of Millie being able to join Ted & I on longer walkies is something we’ve all definitely missed over these last 6 months.


So Millie is now up to 20 minute walkies each day. This is great but seriously low within a 24 hour period & compared to her previous routine, which could see her do much more! By having the ‘Daxie Taxi’ Millie is able to accompany us on longer walkies (without walking all the time). For those not experienced with IVDD, when you see Millie walking, you could easily think there was nothing wrong. But there is and we need to take things slow & steady to ensure she continues to progress. Her dog buggy enables us to pop her in when she’s completed her allotted time for walkies, but she can still enjoy all the surroundings from the comfort of her new four wheels! A dog can look ‘well’ from afar, but there can be many reasons why a dog buggy could be required.

Millie is carefully secured via her harness (so there’s no chance of her leaping out!) I wasn’t sure what she’d think at first but she loves it! She does like to occasionally make her presence felt with a bark or two though if dogs walk towards us (she just wants to make sure they don’t miss out on seeing her in there!)


I can say wholeheartedly, I believe there is a time & a place for a dog buggy. Seeing the joy on Millie’s face when she’s cruising through the country lanes near home is adorable. It’s so much better for her than being cooped up at home. She can now feel the wind in her ears, lots of smells in the air. I may feel silly pushing her along (& no doubt passersby must think I’ve well & truly lost the plot) but she comes first and that’s my biggest priority. I also really love it when people ask about it – everyone is different, but don’t be afraid to do the same if you see someone.

I can’t begin to thank the wonderful Huxley Hound & Charlotte Baldwin from Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD for allowing us to loan this buggy. Raising funds to support dogs & their owners facing these problems like us is a truly incredible thing. We will definitely be making a donation! The Daxie Taxi has essentially given Millie her freedom back & has allowed us to reconnect as a family by enjoying special bonding time again during walkies.

So have you ever seen a dog buggy before? What did you think then & what do you think now? Would love to hear your thoughts on Millie’s Daxie Taxi! If you see a dog in a buggy sometime soon, hopefully this post may help you understand there’s normally a very good reason behind it.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx