It’s fair to say the UK is well known for being a nation of tea (& animal) lovers. So what could be better than when these two favourites come together?! In order to celebrate ‘National Tea Day’ on Saturday 21st April (yes, amazingly it is a ‘thing’) I thought I’d round-up my personal favourite dog mugs currently on the market. Well, I am a crazy dog lady after all (& no doubt some of you are too!) All of these are either well established or growing British businesses (great to support local where we can!) So grab a cuppa, pop your feet up for 5 minutes & be prepared, as you’ll want to swap your current choice of mug immediately…


Click to discover more incredible dog mugs from British brands like this, from House of Henry

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer dogs to people most of the time! Teehee! This is why I utterly adore these cheeky mugs made by the lovely Alison, from House of Henry. I’ve been following House of Henry across social media since they launched last year & have been so impressed by their work. Alison has such a creative flair & creates such fun designs for your dog mugs (amongst many other gorgeous delights!) There are various personalisation options available too, which means these would also make a fantastic gift.

Price: £11:00 (plus postage)


I do love a mug with a pop of colour & a cheeky tagline! If you’re the same, then you’ll love these contemporary bone china mugs from Repeat Repeat. Designed by Gillian Naylor & Mark Faulkner, I’ve had my one for many years & now I see they do a whole range of colours and different dog breeds too. From Dachshunds (obviously) to Scottie Dogs to Poodles, there are many options available. In terms of size, these are smaller compared to what I would consider to be a standard mug, but they’re very fancy! So delicate and beautifully made.

Price: £11:45 (plus postage)


Click to discover more incredible dog mugs from British brands like this, from Life With A Dog

Imagine if you could have a custom illustration of your very own dog which is then added to your very own mug?! Well you can, thanks to the talents of Emma from Life with a Dog. Based in Glasgow, Emma creates the most adorable personalised mugs (amongst other things). All for a really reasonable price too. I think it’s safe to say you wouldn’t need any sugar with your tea if you drank out of this mug…it’s so sweet already! Don’t you think? Just imagine if it were your dog on there…

Price: £9:00 (plus postage)


I bought this Heather Alstead Design mug for my Mum for Mother’s Day last year. Whilst the image on this mug isn’t actually Millie, it was possible to personalise the mug with her name (in this case, I chose one of Millie’s nicknames; Milk, as I thought it was rather apt for a dog mug made for tea & coffee!) I discovered Heather’s work via ‘Not on the High Street’, although Heather does have her own website showcasing all her beautiful designs. You can also find her across social media too. Heather has a whole array of dog breeds to choose from for your own dog mugs and you can personalise with your dogs name too.

Price: £13.45 (plus postage)


Click to discover more incredible dog mugs from British brands like this, from Louisa Houchen

Let’s face it, a lot of the time we’re on the go & don’t have time to stop for a cup of tea. We’re all trying to cut down on the use of plastic cups but that’s not always practical when you’re running to meetings. So what if I told you, you had the opportunity to have your tea in a reusable thermal travel mug (which could also have your dogs face on it too?!) You can, thanks to designer Louisa Houchen. I’ve followed Louisa’s work via Twitter for quite some time. Louisa offers a service creating custom modern pet portraits. You can then either simply keep the pet portrait or add it to a variety of products over time (one of which is the thermal travel mug). It’s the gift which keeps on giving in my opinion. You no longer need to let your tea run cold. This one is perfect for your commute to work in the morning or running the kids to school…

Price: £45:50 (custom pet portrait) + £12:50 (thermal mug)


So there we go! 5 of my personal favourite dog mugs on the market from some fab British Brands. I love supporting small businesses. Which one is your fave? Or do you already have your own favourite dog mug at home? I’d love to hear what you think, so pop us a comment below. In the meantime, pop the kettle on, I’m feeling thirsty all of a sudden…

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx