Yippee, it’s a long weekend; which hopefully means lots of extra time with your four-legged friend! Not only is it a long weekend, but as it’s Easter, there’s plenty of chocolate and other treats to look forward to as well! Did you know though, some of these Easter delights can be dangerous for dogs? We’ll uncover Easter dangers for dogs and give you 4 ways to protect your dogs at Easter. Come on, lets ‘hop’ to it….(see what I did there?!!)

Click to see Ted & Millie, the two miniature dachshunds, pose with a Happy Easter sign to help show 4 ways to protect your dogs at Easter


Click to discover how hot cross buns can be toxic to dogs. Avoid them to protect your dogs at Easter

There’s nothing better than a toasted hot cross bun, slathered with butter on a gorgeous Easter morning (oooh it makes me want one now!) Mouth watering yes, but potentially deadly for your dog. Raisins, currants and sultanas are a potentially deadly source for your dog. If consumed, these tiny little shrivelled fruits can actually lead to kidney failure for your dog. So don’t be tempted to share your hot cross bun with your dogs at Easter. Also be careful when eating them yourselves; those little fruits tend to enjoy making a leap from the bun like a parachutist from a plane, so make sure you don’t drop any when eating. They may be small, but don’t let these little fruits fool you and harm your dog!


Click to discover how chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Avoid them eating it to protect your dogs at Easter

We all love chocolate right? Well my waistline doesn’t but that’s another story! On Easter morning you may eagerly be tearing open your chocolate Easter eggs, ready to leap into chocolate heaven, but before you do remember one thing…Chocolate is toxic to dogs.

  • Be careful where you store your Easter eggs. Make sure they’re out of the reach of your dog.
  • If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, great, but if your dog is joining you make sure they’re kept on a lead so they don’t sneak off and consume an egg (plus you don’t want your dog to sniff them out and give the game away, do you?!?)
  • Don’t be tempted to give your dog some of your chocolate egg, although let’s face it, why would you let anyone get between you and your chocolate egg?!! In all seriousness though, all chocolate is bad for your dog but the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it will contain, which is dangerous for dogs. Basically keep ALL chocolate away from your dog, unless you fancy a visit to the Vet!


Click to discover how Easter decorations can pose a choking hazard for dogs. Avoid them to protect your dogs at Easter

There are a lot of cute Easter decorations and gifts available if you want to provide your friends and family with something other than chocolate. Crazy, right? We’d go for chocolate every time! Nevertheless, if you find yourself in possession of any of these items, make sure you keep them out of the reach of your dog. He or she may automatically think it’s a toy for them, but human products are exactly that, for humans! Avoid leaving anything in easy reach which your dog may get hold of and ultimately ingest.


Click to discover how daffodils & other Spring flowers can be deadly to dogs. Avoid them to protect your dogs at Easter

Your house may be adorned with lots of daffodils and tulips to really get into the spirit of Easter but guess what? These beautiful flowers and even the water they’re kept in can actually be deadly to your dogs. Ensure any vases are well out of the way of your dog and are placed on a stable surface. We all know accidents around the home occur, so make sure there’s no opportunity for the vases to be knocked over e.g. don’t place them on a side table which could be knocked by your dog. As beautiful as they are, it really is important to be mindful where you place these signs of Spring!


Well there we go, 4 ways to protect your dogs at Easter. I hope these tips will be helpful keeping your dogs safe. Should the worst occur and your dog ingests any of the items mentioned, no matter how small, always consult your Vet. In the meantime, enjoy these extra few days with your dog and have lots of fun!! Happy Easter everyone!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx