This cold weather just won’t go away, will it?! I have seen so many people asking for coat recommendations for their dogs (well our dogs feel the cold too and deserve to be kept warm, don’t they?) From trying to find dachshund coats which actually fit, to good quality coats for all sizes, it can be a bit of minefield out there. So I’m pleased to be able to help answer this burning question by introducing you to probably one of my favourite dog brands to date; Country & Twee.

As you know, I’m very selective about which products I feature on the blog but I believe in this dog brand so much since Ted & Millie trialled some of their products last year. So much so, I ended up buying a number of the products myself (& believe me, I would’ve kept them all if I could!) Today, we’ve created a ‘lookbook’ with Country & Twee so you can see some of their glorious coats but also something every dog needs after long walkies…a snuggly bed or two! Let’s go…


The first thing I’d like to say about the Tweed range from Country & Twee is…OH MY GOODNESS!! To say I love these coats is an understatement. Currently there are two types: The Tweed (as worn by Millie) and the ‘One For The Girls’ (as worn by Ted because, why not?!) I can’t stress the quality of these coats enough, which is second to none. You would truly think they had been made to measure on account of the way they fit Ted & Millie (which believe me, is no easy task!) The tweed itself is absolutely beautiful and the Sherpa fleece lining ensures your dog not only looks super stylish but is kept so snuggly too. Take a look for yourself…

I have had so many comments about these coats whenever Ted and Millie wear them. I particularly laughed when I took Ted on the tube recently in London…one of the train workers shouted Ted had a better coat than he did!

Both types of tweed coats start from £48.50 and in my opinion, are worth every penny! Yes, there are others available at a lower price on the market, but from what I’ve personally seen, these coats are worthy of the investment. The other thing to note…all coats are machine washable (because lets face it, during this time of year, your dog is going to get pretty grubby at some point!) 


Now we all like a little black number in our wardrobe, don’t we?! The same could be said for our dogs ‘pawdrobe.’ Well you’re in luck as Country & Twee have not one, but two options. The first (as modelled by Millie) is the Black Underbelly Coat. It comes in a special Dachshund size as well as being suitable for dogs of all sizes.

This is a perfect little number to try and keep your dog’s tummy mud free! You just pop it over your dogs head (as if putting on a jumper) and it pull down over their body. The coat is waterproof so perfect for those soggy days. The underbelly part is stretchy so it can move as your dog moves, whilst keeping those mud patches at bay! Prices start from £40.00.

The second is the Black Dog Coat as modelled by my boy! Ted is a particularly strange shape as he has very broad shoulders / chest compared to Millie, but this Dachshund coat fitted beautifully. It wasn’t too long at the front (which I find often makes Ted feel restricted). Instead it covered his shoulders nicely and yet allowed good movement. It was also an absolutely perfect length for him. No overhang or too short in length (which I often find with other coats for dachshunds). As with the above, it is waterproof. It also is Sherpa fleeced lined and I love the little collar which you can either keep down or pop up, depending on your dog’s mood! These start from £48.50.


With these colder months, sometimes a pop of colour can be just what you need to brighten up a dull day! Thankfully Country and Twee have you covered, with two brighter options. The first, which I still regret not buying, is the Red Waxed Cotton coat. Found in all sizes as well as a special Dachshund version, this colour is phenomenal (and I haven’t seen a coat on the market like it!) It is exactly the same as the black version above in terms of being waterproof, sherpa fleece lined etc but the colour really is something special. The attention to detail really makes this coat pop. Love, love, love! Prices start from £48.50.

The gorgeous Green Quilted with Gold Coat means your dog will stand out from the crowd. They even have a new version with added gold floral detailing. This is such a sweet little coat. It’s more lightweight compared to the others but it’s perfect to pop over for those chilly days. Prices start from £36.50 and are available as Dachshund coats as well as other specific breeds and others.

Click to discover more gorgeous Dachshund coats from Country & Twee


After a busy day out walking in your finest coat, the only thing any dog wants to do is pop home afterwards and stretch out on their bed. Fact? I think so! It’s safe to say Ted and Millie are already pretty spoilt when it comes to dog bed options at home, but when it came to the Country & Twee bed range, I wasn’t quite prepared for their reaction. They couldn’t get enough of them!

When the beds arrived for trial, I knew I loved them but given the selection we already had, I couldn’t justify buying another bed…but I failed, miserably! These beds are next level kind of comfort! Firstly, Ted and Millie needed very little encouragement to get in them for photographs (which lets be honest, they don’t always feel like doing) but my biggest issue lay with the fact I couldn’t get them out of the beds!!! Even after photographs, I packed all my equipment away and when I came back into the room they were still in them!! I couldn’t send them home after that!

First up, the Tweed Cave Bed. Lined with 100% Sherpa fleece so your dog can keep warm and cosy, this bed is divine. It’s perfect for real snuggle monsters of all sizes. There is plenty of space to snuggle underneath (I’ve found some cave beds can feel quite restrictive, but not in this case!) You also have two types of filling for the bed; sumptuous quality fibre or luxurious European duck feather and sizes range from 60cm – 90cm in diameter. Prices start from £120.00. I think the photos below speak for themselves…

Next up is the Tweed Dog Bed. Both dogs hopped in the moment I popped this one on the floor and really didn’t want to come out! It comes in three sizes (Medium, Large and Extra Large). The sizing is very generous. As above, the inside is lined with 100% Sherpa Fleece which is pawfect for these cold nights. The bed is very supportive compared to other beds I’ve seen on the market, which makes it exceedingly comfortable. It is also machine washable. Winner!! Prices start from £90.00. I think you can tell Ted and Millie are BIG fans…


So whether you have a Dachshund, Greyhound, Whippet or even a Pug there are a whole range of coats and beds for dogs of all sizes! As a Dachshund parent though, I am seriously impressed with Country and Twee and their Dachshund coats. To have found a brand which not only caters specifically for this breed (as well as others) but provides excellent service and are generally just absolutely LOVELY, I couldn’t wish to know a better brand for my dogs.

So which coat or bed is your favourite? I’d love to hear what you think…pop us a comment below.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx