2018 is officially ‘The Year of the Dog’ (best year ever, right?!) So I have very high hopes this year we’ll see even more amazing things in the dog world. Last year you may remember I wrote our first ever ‘Hot Listshowcasing the ‘ones to watch’ for the year ahead. I’m thrilled a number of those mentioned have gone onto huge success; from starring on BBC’s Dragon’s Den to becoming a star of CBBC to seeing significant growth in their businesses! Fantastic! But who has the potential to be the best dog brands 2018?!?

I’ve dusted off my crystal ball yet again (!) and selected what I consider to be some of the best. These are the ones to watch! Let’s go and see who made the cut in the annual Twilight Bark ‘Hot List…’


Click to discover why we think Country & Twee could be one of the best dog brands 2018

I first came across Country & Twee last year. Instantly my first impression was WOW! The most stunning coats for all types of dogs (even dachshunds, who are notoriously difficult to source for, given their long frame!) Not only do they have coats but their beds are literally dream beds! So sumptuous!

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know co-owner, Hannah Clark, well over the last year. Not only is Hannah an extremely lovely person, it is clear Country & Twee care a lot about ensuring their products are made beautifully as well as providing excellent service. Everything is made in the UK and supports small businesses. Fab!

Keep your eyes peeled for a full feature blog post soon as Ted & Millie put a number of the Country & Twee products through their paces!! Believe me, this brand is one to watch. So why do I rate them so highly?

Whilst Ted & Millie were trialling a number of the products, I ended up buying a number of them as I simply didn’t want to send them back! I was impressed that much! Not sure I’ve ever done that before!

If you’re looking for quality attire and bedding for your dog, look no further. Country & Twee are firmly on our Hot List for 2018. Find all their social media contacts below and say ‘woof.’



Click to see why we think Tribal Pet Foods could be one of the best dog brands 2018

New year. New diet? Let’s face it, dog food is constantly shifting and it can be a little tricky to determine what is best for your dog. There is a plethora of choice and it can be a tad overwhelming to say the least, right?! Well towards the end of last year, I discovered well established brand, Tribal Pet Foods, were launching a new range of food. Why does this matter to you? Good question! Well it matters because Tribal TLC (Truly Lower Celsius) is a range with a difference…

“TLC is the only cold-pressed dog food that doesn’t use meat meal; we use FRESH MEAT, and what’s more, we guarantee that at least 98% of all our ingredients have not been processed above 95°C making TLC, the lowest temperature dog food around! The gentle process means that TLC does not swell in the stomach like extruded dog foods.”

Anything which helps protect dog stomachs and improves wellbeing sounds exciting to me! So keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog post! This will explore all you need to know about this new dog food range on the block (and why your dog may just benefit from it!) From Puppies-to Adults-to Seniors, the Tribal TLC range has you covered. We’ve also got a very exciting announcement to make with them too, so subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on the news! Be sure to say ‘woof’ to Tribal in the meantime below…


Click to discover why we think Paw Naturel could be one of the best dog brands 2018

I became a vegetarian last year and have been for over 6 months now. Yay! Since then, I’ve become even more aware of cruelty-free products and thankfully this is extended to some products in the dog world too! Paw Naturel offers a range of shampoos and other products with a clear goal in mind!

“All products are tear free, cruelty free, tested on humans, made in Britain supporting local businesses, naturally brightens coats using Vitamin C and E, no optical dies or parabens. They have natural deodorisers which gets rid of the doggy smell. They rinse off quickly, the dogs dry quicker, and leaves the coat beautifully fresh and moisturised. All products enhance health and wellbeing to dogs skin and coats while also ensuring people’s skin health is taken into account.” 

Founded by the lovely Angela, Paw Naturel have just undergone a rebrand. Not only does everything on the inside sound amazing, I think you’ll agree, everything on the outside looks stunning too. I can also exclusively share their new range not only includes new shampoos but also ‘Paw de Parfum’ and luxurious paw balm to soothe those paws from the rough ground.

I for one can’t wait to see Paw Naturel progress this year and hopefully become one of the best dog brands 2018. One thing is for sure, if you’re heading to Crufts, say hello to them in Hall 4, Stand 110a. They’re launching a product there which has never been seen before. Shhhh, it’s our secret! Say ‘Woof’ to them on social media in the meantime…



Click to discover why we think Love From Ted could be one of the best dog brands 2018

Now, my Ted would have you believe I like this brand because of their name!! Whilst I do, there are other reasons too! I first met Hilary, founder of Love from Ted, and her adorable Jack-Chi, Ted on a dog walk in Oxford in 2016. We spoke about the joys of dogs and how one day, Hilary would love to sell the doggy biscuits she makes. Roll on 2018 and what a difference time can make; Love from Ted is almost ready to launch!

Why are they so good? Love from Ted dog treats are handmade using only the finest, all natural, locally sourced ingredients. They grow their own parsley. The cheeses and coconut oil they use are certified organic (only the best for our four-legged friends!) Each biscuit is lovingly home-baked and becomes a delicious treat with a gentle crunch. As well as the taste, my favourite part about them is the design. As Hillary said:

“The heart shaped design allows each treat to easily be divided in half so you can customise the size of the treat to your dog or…to show perfectly behaved they’ve been!!!”

Photo of Ted from Love from Ted. Discover why this showcased as one of the best dog brands 2018

Love from Ted is due to launch at the end of February 2018 but be sure to follow them over on Instagram in the meantime. Or if you’d like to drop them an email whilst salivating for their new website, you can contact Hillary & Ted at woof@lovefromted.com. 



Click to discover why we think Finn for Change could be one of the best dog brands 2018

A little different from last year (and not exactly brands!) but an important point to feature, being The Year of the Dog and all! Last year saw two huge animal campaigns build extraordinary momentum: Lucy’s Law campaigning against puppy farming and Finn’s Law. Perhaps we are a nation of animal lovers after all?! I’m hopeful 2018 sees these campaigns grow even further. For today, I’m focusing on Finn’s Law.

Whilst protecting his handler, Dave Wardell, Finn the former police dog was stabbed in the line of duty. His story is one of courage. Sadly the law doesn’t reflect this. As it stands (and in Finn’s case) the suspect was only charged with Criminal Damage in relation to the devastating injuries he inflicted on Finn.

“We believe our service animals fulfil such an important role in supporting society that they deserve to be protected from harm. It is our aim to change the law to give them that protection.”

Dave & Finn are continuing to campaign in 2018 and are even releasing a fabulous book on February 8th to help raise awareness of their story and the need for the law to change. They also need your continued help & support. Say ‘Woof’ to Dave & Finn and even find the link to pre-order their extraordinary book (it’s already a top seller, let’s make it one of the best sellers of 2018!)



So could some of these be the best dog brands for 2018?! If my predictions from last year are anything to go by, it’s a strong possibility! Let me know what you think. Any favourites leap out at you? I wish I could’ve included more but are there any you think I may have missed? Would love to hear your thoughts so pop us a comment below!


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