With nearly 70,000 fans on Facebook, I was so touched to recently be asked to host the first Facebook LIVE video for an incredible puppy farming campaigner (& lovely friend) Lisa Garner (AKA ‘The PA’ for true Animal Hero, Lucy The Rescue Cavalier). Lisa is now ‘The PA’ for another very special dog, tasked with continuing Lucy’s legacy; Plum Pudding!!) This post will touch on their story and if you missed it, what you can expect from our uplifting interview!! Take a peek… Facebook Live Lucy The Rescue Cavalier


I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Lucy The Rescue Cavalier many times and have been a big fan of their work; spreading awareness of puppy farming through sharing Lucy’s story (she endured a puppy farm for over 5 years and was left in a terrible state before she was rescued). Lisa and Lucy were actually one of the first duo’s I met when starting out on my TWILIGHT BARK UK journey (you can see my previous blog post about Lucy’s story and charity calendar HERE). We’ve stayed in touch since 2015 so I, like so many others, was heartbroken when heaven gained a friend, as Lucy passed away last December.

Lucy The Rescue Cavalier

Lucy The Rescue Cavalier


Lucy’s incredible legacy lives on though, thanks to Lisa and the legions of Lucy fans who continue to spread the message of puppy farming and the devastating impact it can have on dogs. In addition to Lisa’s other dogs (Annabelle, Lady, Daisy & Dolly) she now has a new little helper, who has a very important role in continuing Lucy’s hard work: the adorable smiling rescue Cockapoo, Plum Pudding!! So with lots of Lucy’s fans wanting to know more about Plum Pudding (and as Lisa had seen a number of my Facebook LIVE interviews), she wanted to do her very first video with me. What an honour!! Of course, I just had to say YES!! Who wouldn’t want to spend time with Plum Pudding?!! Isn’t she just adorable?!

Plum Pudding Puppy Farming Campaigner

The Adorable Plum Pudding


As well as touching on how Lisa’s journey into puppy farm campaigning started in 2013 and reminiscing about Lucy’s inspirational legacy (don’t worry, it’s all very uplifting!) it was a great opportunity for many of Plum Pudding’s new fans to ‘meet her’ as well as spreading awareness about puppy farming and the joy of rehoming a rescue dog. I particularly loved hearing Lisa’s story of how she came to adopt Plum Pudding…


So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and settle down with myself, Lisa and Plum Pudding for a lighthearted chat! Come and hear more about how this inspirational duo intend to continue campaigning against puppy farming; why rescue dogs can be the BEST dogs and where you can spot them (they’ve got some very important judging to do over the coming months at various shows such as DogFest as well charity events like Pup Idol from our friends All Dogs Matter and Hounds on the Heath for The Mayhew!)


Aren’t they amazing?! If you’d like to continue following their story, be sure to ‘Like’ The Lucy The Rescue Cavalier Facebook page! By supporting Lisa and Plum Pudding, you can help spread the message about Puppy Farming, so more dogs don’t suffer (plus they’ve got lots of fun things coming up including more Facebook LIVE videos – we can’t wait to follow and watch!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx