The third brand from our TWILIGHT BARK UKHot List’ of 2017 is the brilliant Growlees: dog charms for outspoken pups!” All the cool pooches are wearing them! As the lovely Caroline Denyer, Founder of Growlees, is currently back home in Australia until next month, we put our usual Facebook LIVE on ice and decided to come up with next best way for you to get to know Growlees…A good old Q&A (just like we’ve done in the past!) Come and find out more about this exciting brand and why your dog may want to speak their mind with the help of a Growlees tag of their own (as you can see below, Ted & Millie love theirs…!!)


Ted loves his ‘Cute But Psycho, But Cute’ Growlees Tag


Millie regularly likes to ‘do the dishes’ so her tag is pawfect!

1) Where did the inspiration for Growlees come from?

Upon noticing an absence of avenues for my dog muse Frida and her canine friends, to express their unique and special personalities, I set out to find a way to help my mutt to speak her mind.

The result: Growlees, a range of made in England dog charms for outspoken pups.

2) Which Growlees tag is the most popular so far?

There are quite a few popular Growlees. Topping the list at the moment is “Lover not a biter”, I think because at the end of the day our pups are really just bundles of love. Coming a close second are Rub My Belly For Good Luck and Prozac with Fur.


All tags are £10.00 & come in a variety of colours


All tags are made from lightweight high impact acrylic

3) Which is your favourite Growlees tag and why?

I’m not sure I have a favourite but I do really like some of the cheekier ones, I have quite an irreverent sense of humour and perhaps also because I can imagine Frida speaking them out loud. So many of them have been inspired by my naughty pup and I love seeing others relate to them in equal measure! That said, Frida is definitely my Prozac with Fur. Having spent the past few years working on my start-up Growlmama, she has been not just my inspiration but my therapist! I would not have made it this far without her. Pursuing a start-up while working in isolation can be lonely but not when I have my dog muse by my side.


4) Tell us a bit about your muse, Frida. How does she help inspire you?

Frida is such a funny dog. She is a mixed breed and was a complete accident. As a result she has a very unique (and polarising look) and an incredibly crazy personality. She is the fastest and cheekiest dog in the park and when she gets home the snuggliest co-dependent. Like a real mama, I want to make my business a success so that I can continue to work in an industry I love (dogs) and spend my days with her. I waited years to have my own dog ( I was always travelling with my corporate job and it would not have been fair) and now I can’t imagine spending a day apart from her.


Gorgeous Frida (photo by lovely Rachel Oates)

Frida & Caroline

A perfect ‘Paw’tnership between Caroline & Frida

5) What can we expect from Growlees in 2017? 

It’s such early days for Growlees we are still getting our head around it’s initial success – we only launched in November! We want to continue to expand internationally and also expand our range. If you have any ideas for new Growlees please let us know! Growlees are intended to reflect your pup’s unique personalities so please share!

Growlees Tags

A few of my personal favourites!


I think it’s safe to say fun is at the centre of this amazing brand! Check out the thirty options and six colour choices over on the Growlees website HERE. Do you have a favourite?

*It’s worth noting Growlees are currently offering free shipping on all orders, so if you fancy having a Growlees tag for your pooch, now would be the time to get one! A great Valentine’s gift!

The thing I love most about these tags is the fact the ideas for the wording mostly comes from what Caroline imagines her dog, Frida, would say. What do you think YOUR dog would say?! I’d love to hear your thoughts below (and you never know, you could see your suggestion on a tag in the future!)

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx


A huge THANK YOU to Caroline for collaborating with us on this blog post and for our fun Growlees tags. They rock!






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