In the dog world there are lots of lovely people but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll come across one who is especially lovely AND very talented too. Today’s blog post features just one of these people who also happens to be part of our TWILIGHT BARK UK ‘Hot List’ of 2017. Come and get to know Dr James Greenwood and find out what makes him, in my opinion, one of THE people to be watching this year…


I met James in late 2016 when I went to visit him at home in Bristol to talk about our love of dogs and how they’ve helped inspire his incredible new dog venture! Before we go down that road though, let me give you some history on the man himself! This is one very talented chap!

James is not only a fully qualified Vet with nearly 10 years experience (you’ll find him still doing a good share of veterinary work as a locum in Bristol, helping our four-legged friends with a variety of ailments) but it was his stint on the BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down in 2015 which led to James leaving full time veterinary work to combine two of his passions and pursue a dream…creating the most stunning, ceramic dog (and cat!) bowls! I mean these are in a class of their own. So what makes them so special?! Step this way…

Dr James Greenwood

James in action!


One of the main reasons I love the bowls James creates is because they’re not mass produced in a factory. Each bowl is individually handmade in his studio at home. From watching him work, each and every one of them are a labour of love. As they’re all handmade, the personal touches are apparent from the start of the dog bowl-making process right through to when they’re delivered to you. It’s these individual touches which really make these bowls stand out.

Ted Bowl Cover

I adore the hand stamped tag!

James can make a bowl of any size and each are individually stamped with your dog’s name (just to make sure there are no squabbles at home about ownership of it!!) As for the colour, the individuality is again apparent as the rim and inside of the bowl can vary between a matt green / grey colour. They look so sophisticated; certainly not your average dog bowl!

Not only do these bowls look good but they’re durable as well. They are made from a flecked stoneware. For those unfamiliar with pottery (like me) this means the bowls are waterproof and hardwearing, so much so, they can easily be popped in your dishwasher for a good old scrub (although Ted & Millie already think they do a great job of washing up their own bowls with their tongues!) They’re also a great weight, with a good addition to the base to limit your dog from sliding their bowls across the floor! Each are signed by James and have a little paw print engraved into the base too. They just scream high quality.

Ted Bowl Logo

I just love Ted’s bowl!


Stunning detail


Say goodbye to sliding bowls across your floor with these bad boys!

James Greenwood Ceramics Dog Bowl

Paws up from Ted!

James Greenwood Ceramics Dog Bowl

And Millie of course!


Loving these bowls as much as us or fancy finding out more about James? To speak to the man himself about a quote for your own dog bowl (or just to have a lovely chat!) email James at or complete the form on his website HERE. Be prepared though folks, there is a waiting list, but believe me they’re well worth the wait!

It’s safe to say we’re pretty ‘bowled’ over by James and his creations (see what I did there?!) In addition to his pottery talents, I think there are likely to be some pretty big things on the horizon for James in 2017, so be sure to follow him and his work on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to be ahead of the pack (and also swoon over all the puppies he cuddles through his veterinary work!)

Dr James Greenwood

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx


* A huge THANK YOU to James for a) being so lovely and b) creating two of my all time favourite dog products for Ted & Millie. These bowls are going to be cherished for a long time!