When I wrote the TWILIGHT BARK UK ‘Hot List’ of 2017, the first brand I mentioned was Huxley Hound. On Friday I went to their HQ for an exclusive interview with the founders, Mike & Zena Deane, so they could share their story with you and I could discover why their organic dog treats could make a great addition to your dog’s diet. We even did a Facebook LIVE!! Today’s blog post is a follow up to my interview with them, with key information about this fantastic upcoming brand…


Mike, Zena, Huxley & Rolo


Huxley Hound launched in 2016 and are ‘the world’s first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs’ and trust me, they’re delicious (I actually tried some myself!) They currently have four flavours available (the fourth is actually being unveiled on their website for the first time on Monday 23rd January, along with larger packs containing 50% more – something Huxley Hound exclusively announced with us during our Facebook LIVE (so exciting!) And the reason Mike & Zena established Huxley Hound….


Many of you may feed your dog raw vegetables already (they’re great for roughage and for teeth) so you could be thinking, why do I need to buy vegetable treats too? Well did you know dogs can’t break down cellulose (the bit of the vegetable which contains the nutrients?) No, I didn’t either! This means that while raw vegetables have various benefits…

A dog gets nothing nutritionally in terms of vitamins and minerals out of a vegetable

Food for thought! So what can Huxley Hound organic dog treats provide to your dog? Let me take you through the flavours and tell you know about each of their health benefits (and why they could make a great addition to your dog’s diet).

* Worth noting, Huxley Hound invested in a study with the University of Nottingham to throughly analyse the health benefits of each of their treats…

CARROT (£3.95 – £14.00)

Huxley Hound - Organic Carrot

Great source of antioxidants!

The Huxley Hound carrot treats are a very high source of antioxidants and also have great anti-inflammatory properties. Whilst these treats should not be used as a medicine (always talk with your vet if you suspect any health issues with your dog) the properties they contain could aid those with joint problems. Want to try? Click HERE.

CarrotFactBEETROOT (£3.95 – £14.00)


Full of nutrients which promote a healthy heart!

The Huxley Hound Beetroot treats are rich in manganese, magnesium and phosphate, all of which broadly promote a healthy heart as well as being great for your dog’s blood properties too. Who wouldn’t want to try these?!! These are actually the favourite of Team Huxley Hound! Does Beetroot have your heart too? Click HERE.

SWEET POTATO (£3.95 – £14.00)

Huxley Hound Organic Sweet Potato

A great all-rounder!

The Huxley Hound Sweet Potato treats are simply a great all-rounder!! Great antioxidants and a good source of energy. As with all of the Huxley Hound treats, as they are dehydrated, they are chewy to eat (great if you have a dog who wolfs down their treats!) These will make them chew them properly. The sweet potato are probably the chewiest, so could be good to aid your dog’s dental hygiene. Fancy putting these through their paces? Click HERE.

PARSNIP (£3.95 – £14.00)

Huxley Hound Organic Parsnip

Full of nutrients to aid blood sugar levels

The Huxley Hound Parsnip treats are the new one’s being unveiled on the Huxley Hound website!! Parsnips are great for blood sugar levels (often suggested for people with diabetes or cholesterol issues) so if you have a dog with a weight issue, this could be a good addition to their diet. Want to be one of the first to get your paws on this new range? Click HERE from Monday 23rd January.


Growing businesses like Huxley Hound deserve the support of the dog community, don’t you think? Mike and Zena do everything themselves! I’ve seen it! Everything created at the factory is manually separated, added to/removed from the dehydration machines, as well as packaged and sent out (Mike was there working until 3am the night before our interview – a common occurrence apparently. They’ve invested everything (financially and personally) in order to bring the best for our dogs. So let’s get behind Huxley Hound!! (Let us know if you like what you’ve heard or if you do try them – I’d love to know what YOU think or even what flavours you’d like to see!)

If you’d like to know more, grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and take a look at our full Facebook LIVE interview with Huxley Hound HEREIt’s a great way to get to know this upcoming brand personally, as well as learning even more about how these organic dog treats could be beneficial to your dogs diet.

Sooooo follow them on social media, tell your friends and try their treats (use code: NY20 for the rest of January for 20% off!) You’ll soon see why I think they deserve to be in the TWILIGHT BARK UK ‘Hot List’ for 2017…

HH Point of Sale H and R

Huxley & Rolo showing the goods!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx