With it being just a week until Christmas (eeek!) I just had to share THE sweetest Christmas decorations, made by the very talented MisHelenEous, which are currently adorning the Christmas Tree at TWILIGHT BARK HQ. Helen, based in Manchester along with her gorgeous four-legged sidekick Heidi, is the maven of all things creative and she made mini Christmas versions of Ted & Millie for us. I literally love them!! Are they not just THE cutest?!! You could even have one of your dog for your tree. Let me tell you more about the ideal Christmas decoration for any dog lover…

MisHelenEous Dachshund Christmas Decoration

Mini Ted by MisHelenEous

MisHelenEous Dachshund Christmas Decoration

Mini Millie by MisHelenEous


Helen creates all kinds of handmade gifts “for hounds and homes‘ at MisHelenEous. From felt dog charms, keychains, decorations and brooches (all handmade by Helen) it means you can have your own pooch, or favourite dog breed, made into a cute little felt friend which you can keep with you for years to come! From Beagles to Schnauzers, there’s a good chance you’ll find one like your dog at MisHelenEous. Tomorrow is the last day you can order to receive before Christmas though, so be sure to check out their amazing range. With prices starting from around £7.50, they would make a fabulous gift. Who wouldn’t want a mini-version of their dog for Christmas?!

Dachshund With MisHelenEous Christmas Decoration

The only time Ted will be able to touch the top of a Christmas tree (he can’t touch our real one!)

Dachshund with MisHelenEous Christmas Decoration

Millie can’t believe there’s another Millie and Ted in the house!


I have to compliment Helen on her craftsmanship as these mini-me versions of Ted & Millie really are beautifully handmade. Every detail is perfect and you can see the careful attention which has been paid to them. You can purchase already made products or Helen can make bespoke versions to suit your needs (e.g. the kind of jumper, the colour of  your dog etc). They’re very sturdy too, so I have no doubt in my mind I’ll be bringing these out to hang on the Christmas tree every year from now on.

Mini dachshund in Christmas tree

Time to go on the real tree at TWILIGHT BARK UK HQ

Mini Christmas Tree With Dachshund Decoration

MisHelenEous Logo

Want to know more about MisHelenEous? Find all you need just HERE.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx

* A big THANK YOU to Helen for creating our very own mini versions of Ted & Millie. They will be treasured xxx






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