Last month, Ted and I took a nostalgic trip back to our old neighbourhood in London. A place where Ted grew up and spent the first 4 years of his life with me. Memories were made there and our strong bond formed, so it will forever be an important place to us. We haven’t been back for over a year though and this time it was for a special occasion; a photoshoot with a brilliant London Dog Photographer out there (& in our opinion, one of the BEST); Bridget Davey.  bridget-davey-logo-3


Bridget and I had spoken for a while about doing one of her London Signature Sessions (although she offers a whole host of others in various locations too). As with all of her sessions, Bridget can tailor to your requirements. Take in the big city sights and sounds with your hound; visit iconic landmarks or go to places which hold a deeper meaning for you and your dog; the choice is yours!

I asked Bridget if we could visit our old neighbourhood in Parsons Green, Fulham to capture some of my old haunts with Ted. I thought it would be amazing to have photos which would reignite memories of my time with Ted in years to come, when he may no longer be with me (I don’t want to even think about that!) In Bridget’s typically friendly and accommodating style, she kindly agreed (plus we also went to a few of the more traditional London skylines!) Let us share some of our favourites with you…


Trying to spot Ted in one of our old local parks, Eel Brook Common.


The look of love?! Probably a treat…


Peek-a-boo from the shadows! London is well known for its signature red phone boxes; Ted & I used to pass this one all the time!


Ted enjoying a pose on one of our favourite streets


Of course we had to have one outside our old station – Ted is literally OBSESSED with trains. He’s on the lookout here!


We used to sit here & watch the world go by



We spent around 3 hours with Bridget, walking around our old streets to find the perfect shot but at the same time she ensured specific personal memories I’d like to treasure were captured too. It was such a special experience, with Bridget giving us a sneak peek at some particularly cute shots as we made our way around. Bridget is so calming and helpful during the process, which definitely helps if you have a dog who likes to be ‘independent’ aka stubborn! Bridget comes prepared for such eventualities with a variety of treats and sounds to capture your dog’s attention.

We then popped on the tube (Ted was ecstatic as it’s his favourite pastime!) and headed into Westminster so Bridget could capture some photos of Ted amongst some more iconic landmarks and the general hustle and bustle of London!


Take a ride with me?!!


Ted for Prime Minister??! Think his rules would include copious amounts of treats for all!


Just the BEST outtake!!


When your bum is almost as big as The London Eye!



This was a truly special day and I think it would make THE best Christmas gift. Time with your dog goes so quickly and I kick myself for not having more high quality photos of Ted, especially when he was younger. Working with a professional like London Dog Photographer, Bridge,t means she knows how to get the best from your dog and in turn, you’re left with photos which will last a lifetime. You can then decide how you want to showcase your dog’s best poses! Whether framed, a canvas or a story book, there’s a price range to suit all. See HERE for more information and HERE for Bridget’s portfolio.

So rather than frantically running around the shops at the last minute, buying lots of presents for your special someone which they may not even like, why not opt for a professional photoshoot of their best friend instead?! I know which I’d prefer…

Sarah & Ted xxx

Let us know which photo of Ted is your favourite…

* Thank you to the amazing Bridget Davey for our incredible London Signature Session with her. It will be a day we cherish for a long time – we just need to decide which photos to opt for! Decisions, decisions!!






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