After months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (!) it’s finally here!! Ted, Millie and I are soooooooo excited to welcome you to the new and improved…TWILIGHT BARK UK!!!



A few months ago, TWILIGHT BARK UK turned one. Nope, we didn’t make a song & dance about it (how boring!) but quietly took stock of what an incredible year it had been. This was a big personal milestone as it marked a year since I made the biggest change in my life so far; quitting my career in London, recovering from numerous hospital visits because of a heart issue and leaving London after nearly 8 years to move to Oxford…to embark on an adventure surrounding myself with my favourite thing in the whole world: dogs. Yippee!!

During the last year, TWILIGHT BARK UK has allowed me to grow even closer to Ted and Millie, discover my strengths, explore what I love about the dog world (& what I think is missing) and most importantly uncover what my fabulous followers love too! In order to deliver further though, TWILIGHT BARK UK needed to change. I want to make our new direction clear, so we can make our blogging journey even better for you! So what is the best way to celebrate our first anniversary? Transforming our existing blog into an even better one, of course!


1) Well firstly, I’m hoping the new website can help you get to know us better!! We would love it!! Moving forwards, Ted, Millie and myself have very clear roles in shaping the next phase of TWILIGHT BARK UK. Check out our new ‘ABOUT US’ section to find out more about what each of us will be doing, how we may be able to help YOU & your business, charity, brand etc and discover what you can expect to read over the coming months…

meettheteam2) As you can see, we have entered into the world of colour! This is a positive and happy blog so hopefully our new palette reflects this! We also have a brand new logo, kindly designed by the extremely talented and rather lovely Tabby Rabbit (check her out, you won’t be disappointed!)


3) Videos / vlogs have slowly started to become part of TWILIGHT BARK UK, with a few already sneaking their way into blog posts already (don’t worry, they will improve!) Now that our new website is live, you can expect a lot more of these to come via our shiny new YouTube Channel and via Facebook Live (all the while linking to the blog too!)

As well as some reviews from Ted & Millie, expect to see videos & GIFs play more of a part on our blog, especially in our new blog feature ‘TWILIGHT BARK UK Meets…’ which intends to give the dog community a new and exciting platform to share their products, tips and stories with us all. Exclusive interviews, behind the scenes visits, tips from some of the dog industry’s finest. You name it, it will be here on the blog! I’ve already got some exciting interviews lined up and we have some wonderful collaborations to share, so don’t miss out (plus I’d welcome your encouragement – it’s scary stuff trying something new!)


So there’s your sneak peek, what are you waiting for?! Come and explore the new TWILIGHT BARK UK to see more of what we have in store (and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the exciting changes take shape!) Any comments (good or bad) would be gratefully received.

One thing hasn’t changed at TWILIGHT BARK UK though and that’s my love and admiration for dogs (particularly Ted & Millie). My passion has only grown for what I do here. Long journeys, late nights, leaping into the unknown, I truly don’t mind, especially with Ted & Millie by my side. I love it…and I can only hope you do / will too.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx