There’s only one downside to sharing your life with a dog in my opinion…the moment they’re unwell (and you realise your dog may not be around forever). I have had my fair share of minor Vet visits lately with Ted & Millie (thanks you two!!) This includes a cut paw, a stung lip and annual vaccinations. This week, however, I’m faced with something potentially bigger. I found a lump on Ted’s chest and he needs an operation on Wednesday so it can be removed and sent for a biopsy…


The Biggest Fear As A Dog Parent

Already my brain is going into overdrive and I’m imagining the worst, despite going through something similar with Ted only 6 months ago (which thankfully turned out to be benign). This lump is different though. It’s completely under the skin and feels very different to the last one. I found it 10 days ago and my Vet advised me to keep an eye on it and return should it grow. Sadly it has. I returned to our Vet on Saturday morning hoping to be told ‘Sarah, you’re overreacting, don’t worry about it.’  Instead I found myself being told he needs to be operated on as soon as possible.


If you’ve been in this position with your dog, you know what the feeling is like! You put on a brave face and sound all very matter of fact with your Vet, but on the inside you’re crumbling (cue a quick exit to the car!) I find myself looking at Ted with a heavy heart, knowing what he’s about to go through tomorrow. I know it needs to be done, but I also know the discomfort he was in post-op just 6 months ago and it breaks my heart.



Whilst there’s always a risk with any operation, I’m also trying to be positive. Ted’s showing no other bad signs and he’s got age on his side (although more greys are sprouting up each day…apparently he’s going for the George Clooney effect!) I know Wednesday and the subsequent days are not going to be fun (biggest understatement!) but one thing is certain, Ted will be surrounded by so much love. I was meant to be flying to Budapest with friends on Thursday for a long weekend, but for me there’s only one place I’m going be…and that’s by my dog’s side (the things Ted will do to stop me from going away for a few days!)

Have you been through something similar with your dog? How did you cope with it? I’d love to hear…

In the meantime, I’ll keep you all updated over the coming days on his progress.


Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx






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