Last week you may (or may not!) have noticed we were a little quieter than usual across social media. There was a good reason. Sometimes we all need time away for quiet reflection and I realised I hadn’t done that for a year (& never with Ted!) Feeling a little overwhelmed with all things blogging and life, the perfect antidote was to spend some time by the sea with my four-legged friend. Sometimes it’s great to take a break with your dog. Don’t they make pawfect companions?!


When I quit my fast-paced London career, amid various hospital visits last year (get the violins out!) one of my first plans was to spend quality time with Ted for a few weeks by the sea, writing about dog friendly destinations as well as working out what the hell I was doing with life!

Then TWILIGHT BARK UK grew (I’m not complaining!) and recently I realised I never did it! I never spent quality time with Ted at the seaside and hadn’t taken time to acknowledge what we’ve achieved together here either. Instead I’ve been so busy trying to create ‘something’, be ‘something’, document every single thing AND have a plan, I’ve been forgetting to enjoy my new life with Ted. We’ve all been there, right? Allowed life to get in the way. The outcome? Feeling overwhelmed. So it was time to do something about it (with my dog by side!)


Think this picture of Ted sums up how I was feeling – trying to sail a ship when you’re stuck on the sand!

Friends and family are great but if you don’t like shouting your emotions from the rooftops like me (which makes this post all the more surprising!) I find the best antidote is spending time with your dog. I truly believe this.

They don’t judge you. They don’t expect anything from you (well, apart from food and love!) but you know what I mean!! They’re perfect. Spending time and making new memories with Ted last week by the Dorset coastline was just wonderful (he even swam for the first time!!)

Does YOUR dog help you??


Think we can all feel small sometimes (& not just because of short legs like Ted!)

Anyway WE’RE BACK! Refreshed and ready for an exciting few weeks (we really promise we’ll reveal all soon!) In the meantime, THANK YOU. For the comments, RT’s, Likes, Shares, support and friendship. It means so much.








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