Meet Hetty or Guardian Angel Hetty as she’s known by her legions of fans on Twitter. She’s a very special dog and along with her family, she’s about to embark on an incredible challenge starting on Saturday 20th August. I was lucky enough to meet this pawsome pooch and interview her family before they set off to raise funds for a number of charities including Guide Dogs. So why is Hetty so special? How has she changed her human’s life? What is her challenge?!! Come and find out…



Hetty is a real life Guardian Angel. She is the first and only dual purpose Guide Dog AND (if that wasn’t enough!) Seizure Alert Dog. She was bred, raised and trained by Guide Dogs with extra training from Support Dogs UK and for the last five years she has transformed the life of her human, Toni.

Alerting Toni by either resting her head on Toni’s lap or standing in her path if Toni is about to have a seizure, Hetty also assists Toni with her deteriorating eyesight by navigating through everyday obstacles. With a loss of eyesight and seizures, it could be very easy for Toni to potentially feel overwhelmed by the outside world, but with Hetty by her side, she can do anything (as you’ll find out shortly!)



A BIG CHALLENGE AHEAD #HettysGreatAdventure!!

Toni, her husband Daniel and lovely daughters, 16 year-old Grace and 10 year-old Mimi, decided they wanted to undertake a challenge during the summer holidays and give back to some charities which have helped them all. So from Saturday 20th August until Wednesday 24th August, they are setting off on their bikes to cycle over 100 miles!!! Amazing! This is no mean feat; a lot of training has gone into this challenge!


Grace, Hetty, Merlin & Mimi are all ready for action!!

While Hetty is a miracle dog, she can’t cycle herself (!!) but that doesn’t mean she’s not included! Oh no!! She’ll be walking/running around 60 miles of their journey and will hop in the back of Toni’s bike in a DoggyRide so she can take in the sights and smells to rest those paws (unlike poor Toni & family who’ll be cycling all the time!!)


The DoggyRide where Hetty & Merlin will sit (photo courtesy of the talented Mimi)

Hetty isn’t the only special dog in the family though, as Merlin the Springer Spaniel Cross (who is also taking on the challenge) is a trained support dog for Toni’s daughter, Grace. Merlin is a great source of support and comfort for Grace who has autism. Merlin just LOVES Grace and their bike! They can’t wait to get out on the road…


Grace & Merlin can’t wait!

Spaniel, Merlin, Support Dog, DoggyRide

Merlin LOVES his DoggyRide

Merlin, Spaniel, Support Dog, Cycling

Merlin can relax while the others are cycling!


If you think Hetty and her family are amazing and feel like supporting them, you can do so via Hetty’s Just Giving Page HERE. All of Hetty’s funds will go to support the work of Guide Dogs UK who are fantastic (check out blog posts from my visit to Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre last year HERE to find out why they deserve support).

Alternatively you can also sponsor Grace and Merlin’s chosen charity RDA WellGrove Branch or Mimi’s chosen charity Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation (ECHO)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.42.52


A huge GOOD LUCK to Guardian Angel Hetty and her inspirational family. You can do it!! In the meantime, have a lot of relaxation and play time before you go, just like below!! Looking forward to following your adventure via Twitter#HettysGreatAdventure

Guardian Angel Hetty & Arthur Golden Retriever

Hetty & her buddy Arthur having a lot of fun in the garden

Merlin Support Dog Spaniel

Important to have a good rest before the big adventure!

Arthur Guide Dog Golden Retriever

11 year-old Arthur will be a good cheerleader from home

Guardian Angel Hetty Guide Dog

Happy Hetty is ready for her Great Adventure!

Yummy Lily's Kitchen to enjoy on the journey!

Yummy Lily’s Kitchen to enjoy on the journey!


I loved meeting Hetty & her family (photo courtesy of talented 10 year-old Mimi!!)






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