So another weekend is here and we hope you’ve been enjoying it!! Whilst we’re all having fun with our friends, family and four-legged friends, animal charities across the UK are working hard to look after the ever-growing number of dogs in their care. This week we’ve decided to share two stories from Birmingham Dogs Home; a brilliant charity which we’re planning to visit for a separate blog later this year (so watch this space!) In the meantime, let us introduce you to two of their residents from their Birmingham and Sunnyside Centres. Come and meet Rex and Darcy…


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#SundayDogStories: This gorgeous older gentleman is Rex; a 9-year-old Boxer currently at the Sunnyside Centre of Birmingham Dogs Home. He’s been with them since June when he was found as a stray. How does this older man not have a home of his own? Why has nobody come forward to claim him?? We may never know these answers but what we do know is that Rex really deserves a home of his at this late stage in his life.

Some people may be deterred by adopting an older dog but there’s no reason to be. Rex may be 9 years of age but he still has plenty of life and would love the opportunity to make the most of it with a family of his own by his side. He’s good with children so could happily be rehomed with any type of family. Rex has a very playful nature and can even give both paws on command (such a talented boy!) He also absolutely adores his toys. Tennis balls or squeaky toys, you name it, Rex will play with it!! The perfect entertainer! Could you or someone you know be the one to throw those tennis balls for him and be there for cuddles afterwards? If you’d like to know more about Rex, just click HERE.


darcy - Birmingham

#SundayDogStories: Look at this beautiful face! This is Darcy, a stunning American Bulldog X. Darcy has been living at the Birmingham Centre of Birmingham Dogs Home since April, when she was found as a stray. Sadly nobody came forward for Darcy. She’s just been wishing and hoping someone would take her home with them but sadly this hasn’t happened…yet!!

Some people may be a bit nervous of Darcy because of her size, but there’s no reason to be; this girl is a gentle giant! She’s actually the one who is a little nervous at first (completely understandable given what she’s been through). Once she understands she’s safe, she comes out of her shell and loves nothing more than a cuddle. As she can be timid, she may find children a bit overwhelming, so she’d prefer a home without children (plus this means she can be the centre of attention, which we think she thoroughly deserves). If you’d like to know more about Darcy you can find her details HERE.


So you’ve read the Sunday Dog Stories of Rex and Darcy; thank you so much as always for taking the time to get to know these very special dogs. A big Thank You to Birmingham Dogs Home for their help and for keeping Rex & Darcy safe until they can find homes of their own. If you’d like more information about Rex, Darcy or any of the many other dogs at Birmingham Dogs Home, take a look at their website HERE. In the meantime, wishing Rex & Darcy lots of love and here’s hoping a home will be found for them soon.