Wow!! It seems Summer has finally decided to arrive! Have you been having lots of fun with your dog? We certainly have! The hottest day of the year so far may be behind us, but amongst all the ice creams and evening strolls with our four-legged friends, there have sadly already been stories in the press of dogs suffering in the heat. The Police and Good Samaritans have had to rescue dogs from hot cars; some when sadly it has been too little, too late. Despite repeated warnings that Dogs Die In Hot Cars and excellent campaigns from charities like Dogs Trust and The RSPCA, it seems some of us in the UK still think it’s ok for dogs to be left in cars. The short answer? It’s not.

We were approached by the people behind Ignitionline, one of the UK’s leading online retailers of auto supplies, who are trying to target another type of audience and help drive home the important message that dogs shouldn’t be left in hot cars. We think it’s fabulous they’re using their position to help reach a new audience. We were seriously impressed with their Infographic and agreed immediately to share it with you as well as there are some really interesting stats. Take a peek and see what you think; you may be surprised…

Dogs Die In Hot Cars


We know most of you reading this wouldn’t leave your dog in a car, but please do help share this important message to those around you; even those without dogs. If just one extra person reads this and recognises the danger of leaving dogs in a car or now knows how to help a dog if they spot one in distress, this could lead to one extra life being saved. We can’t think of a better reason to help spread this message.

If you’d like more advice, the brilliant Marc Abraham (Marc the Vet) has also provided some more helpful tips about how you can help dogs this summer as part of the Ignitionline campaign. You can have a quick read HERE. Enjoy the sunshine with your pooch in the meantime!






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