Happy Sunday everyone! The sun is finally shining and we think we should also shine some more light on two lovely dogs looking for a home via our #SundayDogStories! We’ve been following a charity via Twitter for sometime, Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) and last Saturday, to help celebrate their 20th anniversary of rescuing and rehoming dogs, they launched their new name and brand; Forever Hounds Trust. We think it is an amazing achievement which should be celebrated (and we love the rebrand!) so we can’t think of a better charity to feature this week! Join us as we introduce two beauties; Badger and Leah.


badger 2

#SundayDogStories: This smiling boy is Badger, a stunning black and white lurcher. The fact he’s smiling so much in this photo is lovely to see given his horrid past! Poor Badger was found shivering under bushes in Ireland. All alone, cold and with nobody to love. Thankfully the team from Forever Hounds Trust rescued him from the streets and brought him to England to help him find the home he deserves.

Since arriving with Forever Hounds Trust, his confidence has been building more and more thanks to the support of volunteers. He is very affectionate and also loves nothing more than a good run around!! In fact he even recently tried Canicross and loved it! If you’re a keen runner, you could be the perfect companion for Badger actually, as it may help him learn not to run quite so fast all the time! Although it’s lovely to see him let his hair down and have some fun as you can see below!



It’s all down to the amazing work of the volunteers, who have enabled Badger to show this lovely, fun side of himself and now he can see how good humans can be, it would be great to find him a perfect home so his trust in humans can grow even more.

Badger 11

If you’d like to learn more about Badger, you can find more details about him HERE.


#SundayDogStories: Look at this lovely lady! This is Leah, a five-year old greyhound. Leah used to have a racing career but at the end of it, she was discovered in appalling conditions. She was fortunate enough to find a home quickly thanks to the amazing Forever Hounds Trust but then disaster struck…her owner’s circumstances changed, so Leah is back again, through no fault of her own and needs to find a new home. Could it be with you or someone you know?


Leah loves food (perhaps because she didn’t get much when she was originally found after her racing career) but she’s very good at sharing with others. Leah is currently in a foster home with other dogs and she really enjoys their company, so ideally Leah would love a home with another dog or two! She’ll be such a great addition to any home; she is so friendly and is crate-trained AND house-trained! She is very good on the lead too. Could she be any more perfect??!


If you’d like to know more about Leah, you can do so HERE.


Thank you for taking the time to read two more Sunday Dog Stories. Let’s hope we can all circulate their beautiful faces and help lead them to a home they both deserve. A huge congratulations to Forever Hounds Trust for 20 years of helping dogs like Leah & Badger and keeping them safe. You guys rock!! If you like more information about Leah, Badger or the work of Forever Hounds Trust, you can find all their details HERE.

Good luck and lots of love to Badger & Leah in the meantime xxx

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