Do you ever find yourself reminiscing? Well we do and we’ve been reminiscing a lot this week, so we thought it was a great opportunity for our #SundayDogStories to reflect this! Today we’re focusing on two dogs from the brilliant charity Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter. Why you may ask? Long before Ted graced this earth, I lived in Newcastle for four very happy years and it’s a city which will always be close to my heart. Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter was located close to where I lived and I actually even walked some of their residents back in the day! So leap forward 12 years later and while I can’t help walk their dogs as I sadly don’t live there anymore, I can help spread the word about two of their residents! So do you fancy joining us today as we introduce you to two lovely lads looking for a home? Wey aye, Pet! Come and meet Minstral and Buster….


16 minstral

#SundayDogStories: Just look at this gorgeous face!! This beautiful boy is Minstral and as you can see, he’s an older gentlemen, at around 13 years of age. How on earth has this lovely Labrador found himself in a shelter?? Well Minstral was found as a stray! Did his family decide they wanted a puppy instead and left him out on the street to fend for himself? Sadly we’ll never know, but what we do know is Minstral would just love to find a home. Could it be with you or someone you know?

This lovely gent should be snuggled up on a sofa, enjoying his twilight years, surrounded with love. He adores cuddles and would like to receive plenty of them in a home which really appreciates him. Even at around 13 years of age, he still enjoys a good walk and is great on the lead too. Minstral has been at the shelter since May and we think this is long enough for such a brilliant boy. Don’t you agree?

If you’d like more information about Magical Minstral, you can find more details HERE.


336 Buster

#SundayDogStories: Poor Buster is Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter’s longest term resident. Whilst he receives a whole lot of love there, he’d love nothing more than to find a home of his very own. Could it be with you or someone you know?? Buster is a gorgeous brindle and white Staffordshire bull terrier who came to the shelter in March having been found on the streets of Newcastle as a stray. He is approximately four years old. Can you imagine how he feels, seeing all the other dogs coming into the shelter and then going home with a family, while he’s still there? Must be heartbreaking for him.

Being a Staffy, all he wants is to be loved. He absolutely loves to be surrounded with cuddles (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to cuddle Buster?!) He also adores playing with his toys. Could you be the one to spoil him and give him the attention he so desperately deserves and craves?

If you’d like more information about the Brilliant Buster, you can find more details HERE.


As always, thank you for taking the time to read our Sunday Dog Stories. If you’d like to know more about Minstral, Buster or the fabulous Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter, take a peek HERE. In the meantime, well done to Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter for their incredible work rescuing and rehoming animals in the North East. As for Minstral and Buster, we think you’re amazing and we’re so hopeful you will find your perfect homes very soon xxx

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