Today is Father’s Day and hopefully many of you will be celebrating and spoiling your dad this weekend (as well as your dog, of course!) Unfortunately some dogs out there don’t have a ‘dad’ or a ‘mum’ though, so we’ve teamed up with the brilliant charity Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) this week for our #SundayDogStories and we’ve got a rather special duo who would love a dad or mum to spoil them! Things are a little different this week though, as these two must be rehomed together. Let us tell you why and introduce…Rosie and Patch!!


Rosie and Patch1

#SundayDogStories: First of all, never mind Batman and Robin or Brad and Angelina, aren’t these just one of the cutest duos you’ve seen??! We certainly think so! Rosie (the tan lady!) and Patch (the white & tan cutie!) are two year old terriers who are having a bit of a difficult time at the moment. They lived with a family for their two years of life and then their world was turned upside down. A change in family circumstances meant Rosie and Patch were surrendered into a dog pound. If any of you have ever been to a dog pound, you’ll know they’re not the best of places, especially when separated from your family.


Thankfully DBARC retrieved them from the pound and they are now adjusting to life away from home amongst better surroundings. Understandably it is a big adjustment though and both Rosie and Patch are a little timid and really rely on one another to help each other through this difficult time. Out of the two, Rosie is the most timid, but Patch helps give her a little confidence (we all need someone to rely on during the stresses of life and it’s no different for these two).

Rosie and Patch2Together Rosie & Patch are actually very keen to make friends and have cuddles, but they need to do so in the comfort of a home. A home which will let them feel relaxed and loved, so they can really start to enjoy life again. Being terriers, it’s unlikely a home with a cat would work (we don’t think your cat would thank you!) and as they need to be rehomed together, it’s probably best they find a home when they can have all the attention on them (well let’s face it, they really deserve it!!)

If this doesn’t convince you, take a look at the short video below! Look at their happy faces and waggy tails (if they’re this happy now, imagine how happy they would be in a home!) It also really shows how much they love one another. A true love story…


Thank you again for taking the time to read their story. If you’d like to know more about Rosie & Patch, you can find more details from DBARC HERE. Alternatively DBARC have a fun open day coming up on July 3rd (details below). In the meantime, please help us share the story of Rosie & Patch this week and let’s try to help this cute duo find a forever home. Well done to DBARC for all their amazing work and as for Rosie & Patch, we are keeping everything crossed your perfect home is just around the corner xxx