The stories of two dogs were sent to us this week from our friends at The Mayhew Animal Home, which we simply had to share with you! Being in kennels waiting for a new home can be stressful enough at the best of times, so imagine how stressful it can be for dogs who are blind. These are the stories of Bella and Tallula…


Bella 2#SundayDogStories: Poor Bella has had a bit of a tumultuous time of late and could do with some help. We’re up for the challenge and hope you are too! Bella the eight year old Cockerpoo is actually a ‘California Girl’ having relocated from there to London with her human earlier this year. Moving to a new country with it’s new climate, sounds and smells could be overwhelming for any of us, but even more so for Bella, as she also became blind earlier this year. One way of getting through such trauma is relying on the support of your trusty human by your side…but sadly this wasn’t to be the case for Bella. Despite her owners efforts, Bella’s human couldn’t find any accommodation which would accept a dog, so Bella now finds herself in a new country, without her familiar human companion and without sight.

Bella 3

There is some good news though! Bella is a fabulous dog!! She’s loving, kind and doesn’t let her blindness stop her from living life to the full, just like other dogs. She loves nothing more than enjoying a well deserved tummy rub, is sociable and also gets along with other dogs and even cats too! Bella has been throughly checked by the vets at The Mayhew and her blindness has been caused by a progressive degeneration of her retinas, which thankfully doesn’t cause her any discomfort and doesn’t require any medication either. Are we able to give Bella a good old fashioned British welcome and help her find a home?!! If you’d like to know more about her, please click HERE.


Photo by Fernando Bonenfant

#SundayDogStories: Tallula is a confident nine year old Shih Tzu. Born as a healthy dog, at two years of age, Tallula sadly developed infections in both eyes. Despite veterinary treatment, the infections development into ulcers which led to the difficult, but necessary decision to remove her eyes to relieve the pain and discomfort she was experiencing everyday. You’d think this may be the hardest situation Tallula had to overcome. Sadly not.

Tallula tennis ball

After adjusting well to living life as a blind dog, Tallula had to overcome yet more adversity. Her owners gave her up for adoption at eight years of age to a family friend. Tallula again adjusted well but when a new puppy was bought into her new family, they decided to put Tallula up for adoption at The Mayhew after just seven months. The reason? Tallula occasionally suffers from a few toilet accidents at night (understandable when she’s still adjusting to new, unfamiliar surroundings) and her new family felt this could impede the training of the new puppy. For Tallula this means she’s searching for her third home! Could it be with you?!! This lovely lady really deserves it. Despite all the upheaval in her life, Tallula is nothing but loving and would love a home to call her own so can play all day and even chat with you! If you’d like to know more about Tallula, click HERE.

Photo by Bonnie Baker


As always, thank you for reading our Sunday Dog Stories. Please share Bella and Tallula’s stories and let’s help these gorgeous girls find the home they deserve! Rehoming a blind dog can be particularly rewarding and The Mayhew can provide all the advice you may need if you or someone you know may be interested. Well done again to The Mayhew for helping these girls. As for Bella & Tallula, we’re confident it won’t be too long until you’re in a loving home you can call your own. We think you’re fab!! xxx

In the meantime, here’s a lovely short video of both lovely Bella and chatty Tallula…!!