If you read our latest blog post, you may have seen we attended the May Fete & Fun Dog Show held by HULA Animal Rescue. Having spent some time at the charity and after hearing stories about some of their residents, we thought it would be perfect to share the stories of two of their dogs as part of our #SundayDogStories with you! So let us introduce two gorgeous dogs, Cana and Ruby and let’s try to help them find a home…


Cana - HULA - London Dog Photography Bedfordshire-69

#SundayDogStories: How has this handsome chap been without a home for a year??!! (basically his entire life!) Well sadly it’s true and he needs all of our help to find the perfect home! Cana was relinquished by his family (likely when the cuteness of a new puppy wore off and the realisation of what it takes to care for a dog clicked in!) Being a Husky Cross, this boy should be on The X Factor, as he likes to use his husky howling tones! Joking aside, the reason he does this is likely to be associated with his initial nervousness and separation anxiety, all of which can be worked on, he just needs the right person to be with! Cana is looking for a patient and experienced dog owner who is prepared to continue with his training and we’re pretty sure he’ll then only need to use his voice when he’s happy!

Being around 1 years of age and because of his breed, Cana will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to keep occupied. If you’re an active person, wouldn’t you love this handsome chap by your side? We’re pretty sure you could have some amazing adventures together. Could it be with you or someone you know??

If you’d like to find out more information about Cana, you can do so HERE.

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Ruby HULA Animal Rescue 1 (1)

#SundayDogStories: Ruby is another dog who has been reliqunished by her owners, through no fault of her own. She has been at HULA Animal Rescue for over 3 months now. We think that is long enough for a face as beautiful as hers! Ruby has previously been adopted from HULA but sadly the circumstances of her most recent adopters changed. This meant Ruby became stressed as she wasn’t receiving the exercise she needs. So Ruby is back and desperately in search of a permanent forever home which can provide the love, exercise and time this gorgeous girls deserves.

Even though Ruby is 6 years of age, she does require further training (something HULA can happily help and advise about). Training doesn’t need to be a bad thing, in fact training can be extremely rewarding and fun. You may even learn something new, as well as helping beautiful Ruby. Could you or someone you know be the one to start a new and exciting chapter with Ruby?

If you’d like to find out more information about Ruby, you can do so HERE.

Ruby HULA Animal Rescue


As always, a huge thank you for spending some of your Sunday reading the stories of Cana & Ruby, it really is appreciated. Please share their stories and beautiful photos across your social media, using the hashtag SundayDogStories, to help increase Cana & Ruby’s chances of finding the homes they deserve. For more information about either dog or about HULA Animal Rescue, please click HERE. 

In the meantime a huge WELL DONE to HULA Animal Rescue for looking after these stunning dogs and to Bridget Davey Photography who volunteers and takes photographs of dogs like Cana & Ruby to show their beautiful personalities and help them find a home.

As for Cana & Ruby, we’re keeping everything crossed you find your forever homes soon; you truly deserve them xxx