As some of you may know, we’re celebrating the 5th birthday of our lovely dachshund Ted today. Ted is lucky as we’re celebrating with gifts and cuddles, but unfortunately there are many dogs who don’t have a family to celebrate their birthday. Hopefully we can try and change this for at least two of those dogs today, via another of our #SundayDogStories! Today we’re focusing on two dogs from Merlin Animal Rescue in North Wales. We have been following their hard work via Twitter & Instagram and while we’re yet to visitthem in person, we’re sure we will soon! So what are we waiting for?? Let us introduce you to Stunning Solo and Lovely Louis…



#SundayDogStories: Solo the beautiful black & white lurcher lived up to his new name as he was found wandering the streets in Anglesey. All alone. Nobody to love him. He’s approximately 4 years old and it makes us wonder; where has been during these last 4 years? Has he ever been loved? Merlin Animal Rescue took him in after nobody collected him after 7 days in the local pound. He was scared, alone and rather underweight when he first arrived.

Thankfully Merlin Animal Rescue were able to place Solo with one of their dedicated fosterers, Dawn (so dedicated, Solo is actually her 73rd!!) People like Dawn really deserve recognition for the work they do, as foster homes give dogs like Solo an extra chance to flourish. Solo has been with his foster mum for nearly a month now and has already gained about 4kg in weight. He is a relaxed, gentle soul who takes life in his stride and would be a wonderful addition to any family out there. He walks gently on the lead, is housetrained and likes other dogs and even children. What more can he do to convince everyone he deserves a home?? Maybe this short video will help…

If you’d like to find out more about Solo (and hopefully you’ll want to!) you can find his details via Merlin Animal Rescue HERE.


#SundayDogStories: Louis previously lived the fast life as an ex-racing Greyhound but when he was no longer ‘performing’ on the track, Merlin Animal Rescue stepped in to help him find a home! If they hadn’t, it’s hard to imagine where Louis would be right now. Run, run, run was the name of Louis’ game, but at the ripe old age of…3 (!!) he’s looking for the quieter way of life and a place to retire. Could it be with you?

Given Louis’ previous lifestyle, he obviously can’t live with small animals but if you’re looking for a friendly chap, who walks well on the lead and has a lot of love to give, Louis could be your leading man! At the moment Louis is a bit sad in kennels as unbelievably he hasn’t had even one enquiry!! Check out this lovely short video of Louis. How could nobody want him!?!?

If you’d like more information about Louis, you can find more details via the Merlin Animal Rescue website HERE.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read two more of our Sunday Dog Stories. We think you’ll agree, these handsome chaps really do deserve a home of their own. Sadly breeds of dog like Solo and Louis are frequently finding themselves with charities like Merlin Animal Rescue. They can often wait months or even years to find a home compared to other types of dogs, as people can be deterred by their size. The reality? These are gentle giants (which love to curl up to reduce their size when at home!) They love sleeping and a slower pace of life. Please help share their stories and use the hashtag SundayDogStories if you do. Hopefully Solo and Louis won’t have to wait too long for their new home. In the meantime, Well Done to Merlin Animal Rescue for all their hard work. You can find more information and support the work they do HERE.Good Luck Solo and Louis, we’re rooting for you! xxx