This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to cover the All About Dogs Show held in Newbury for our blog (which you can read soon, so watch this space!) While there, we even judged one of the fun dogs shows run by Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue; a registered charity made up entirely of volunteers who help rescue and rehome Boxer dogs across the UK (not just Notts & Yorkshire). Having met members of this charity personally and listened to stories of their dedication and determination to rescue and rehome Boxer dogs, it seemed fitting two of their dogs should be the focus of our #SundayDogStories this week. So without further ado, let us introduce Diesel and Phoebe

(*Please be aware we’ve altered our usual layout as you may find the first image distressing).


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 The first thing to point out about Diesel; thankfully he no longer looks like the shocking picture below. Whilst we don’t normally show the ‘before’ pictures, in this case it is crucial so you understand exactly what Diesel has been through and why he really deserves all of our support to find a new home. Diesel was handed over by his owner after putting him through what can only be described as prolonged starvation and cruelty. His condition certainly didn’t occur overnight. His case was so bad, it was referred to the RSPCA, although his owner was never prosecuted. Unbelievable! Speaking with Tracy from Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue this weekend, she said by making a circle with just your hands, you could easily fit around his tiny waist. Thankfully the owner finally brought Diesel to Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue (I think we can all imagine the outcome if she hadn’t) and very quickly this amazing charity used their love and expertise to help Diesel become the dog he deserves to be.


Once on the mend physically as well as building up his confidence, Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue ensured Diesel found an excellent home with a family. As with so many of our #SundayDogStories though, sadly this isn’t where Diesel’s story ends. Diesel enjoyed several loving years with his new mum and dad until the unexpected happened; his dad passed away suddenly, leaving his mum unable to cope. So Diesel once more finds himself looking for a home. Could it be with you or someone you know? Given everything he’s been through, from abuse to losing a great home which he loved, at the grand old age of 10 years old we think it’s Diesel’s time to shine and find his forever home. If you would like more details about Diesel, you can find them HERE.




#SundayDogStories: Poor Phoebe is an older lady at the grand old age of 12 years old and she is on the look out for a foster home (this means once she has found a new home, the amazing people from Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue will continue to cover any costs, including her veterinary care, for the remainder of her life). Isn’t that amazing?! Phoebe came to Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue over a year ago and was actually thenfostered by the same family where Diesel lived until recently. Given the unexpected passing of their dad, Phoebe is also looking for a home. Phoebe doesn’t need to be rehomed with Diesel as in actual fact they’re not really attached to one another and actually prefer human love all to themselves! They certainly deserve it. If you’re around most of the time or know someone who is and who could provide Phoebe with all the love and attention she needs, you can find out how HERE.


Thank you once again for spending your Sunday reading two more of our Sunday Dog Stories. We know Diesel’s story in particular is hard to see, but hopefully we can all rally together and make sure he and Phoebe find permanent homes to enjoy the remainder of their years. As always, please either share this blog or the links to their pages from the Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue website to your social media using the hashtag #SundayDogStories and let’s try to find this gorgeous pair a wonderful home. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about the hard work of Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue please check out their Website, Twitter or Facebook group pages. This is a charity which really deserves support.