Happy Easter everyone! We hope you are having a fabulous Easter Sunday, eating lots of chocolate and spending extra time with your dog. Not only is it Easter Sunday but it’s also time for our latest #SundayDogStories! So grab a slab of chocolate and have a quick read about the stories of heavenly Honey & stunning Suzy from Finding Forever Homes; an incredible charity which works with smaller rescues across the UK to rescue dogs from pounds. Let’s meet these beautiful girls…



#SundayDogStories: Honey is a Crossbreed and approximately 2 years old. This poor girl has been passed around a lot in her short life. She was originally found as a young puppy where she was surviving in a backyard, having to scrabble around for scraps of food and was generally unloved (who couldn’t love that face?!?) Thankfully she was rescued and given her beautiful nature, she found a lovely home with a family including two toddlers and a cat. She fitted in perfectly. Sadly that’s not where the story ends.

After 9 happy months, Honey’s owner became pregnant again and decided Honey could no longer be part of the family. Honey had done nothing wrong, the family just decided they had their hands full and Honey was forced to feel the brunt of this decision. This poor girl must be wondering what happened? She’s kind, gentle, fabulous with children and only wants to be loved. Surely that’s not too much to ask? If you’d like to find out more details about Honey, you can do so HERE.



#SundayDogStories: Suzy is approximately 4 years old and is a Collie Lurcher mix. Suzy is quite frankly, lucky to be alive. Suzy roamed the streets, surviving out in the big wide world and all its dangers on her own, uncared for and unloved until she was picked up by a local pound. Suzy then endured 7 days in the pound which, more often than not, are pretty depressing and desperate conditions. To make matters worse, nobody came for Suzy. Nobody cared she was there. She was unclaimed. For those who don’t know, this often equals a death sentence. Thankfully Finding Furever Homes worked with a small rescue in Shrewsbury who leaped in to save her from an untimely exit from the world. Thank goodness they did as Suzy is an absolute sweetheart!!

Suzy is extremely friendly despite what she endured on the streets and loves nothing more than carrying her teddies around with her; never shredding them and generally just keeping them safe. She has a real maternal nature as not only does she love her toys, but she adores children. She’s perfect when out and about and isn’t fazed by her surroundings. Trains, buses, shopping, fundraisers, she’s seen it all and takes it in her relaxed stride. What an absolute babe!

Despite Suzy being amazing, she has been looking for a new home since May 2015, so almost a year! She even has her very own Twitter account to try to help secure a home, but despite these efforts, she hasn’t had one single enquiry!! We think you’ll agree it’s crazy such an incredible girl is without a home of her own. If you’re keen to learn more about Suzy, you can read about her via the Finding Furever Homes website HERE or even follow her on Twitter HERE


Thank you again for taking the time to read another group of #SundayDogStories. Please do share Honey and Suzy’s stories and use the hashtag when you do, as sharing their stories and details really can make all the difference to these dogs. We really want to increase their chances of finding their Furever Home. Thank you to the great charity Finding Furever Homes for providing us with Honey & Suzy’s details and well done to them for all their work helping rescue and rehome dogs across the UK. Good luck Honey & Suzy xxx

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