posterIt’s Sunday so this can only mean one thing (no, not a Sunday roast!) but #SundayDogStories time!! This is the 3rd of our fortnightly instalments and today we are focusing on Staffies from a charity you know we love to support; All Dogs Matter. Despite staffies being known as the original ‘Nanny Dog’ on account of their loving nature, the breed is sadly still tarnished by bad publicity. The reality couldn’t be any different though; they are adorable and simply want to please! Despite this, Staffies fill so many dog charity kennels having been abandoned or found as strays. Thankfully campaigns such as All Dogs Matter ‘Don’t Judge a Staffie by its Cover’ show how great they can be. Now, let us introduce you to two lovely ladies looking for their forever home. Could it be with you?



#SundayDogStories: Enid is approximately 5 years old and is actually a Staffie cross with just the cutest face, we think you’ll agree! Her long body and floppy ears have kept the All Dogs Matter team intrigued by what her cross is! Either way she’s a lovely girl who is desperate to find a home or even a foster home, so she can come out of kennels, which she obviously doesn’t like. As with many Staffies finding their way into such a situation, Enid was brought to All Dogs Matter as a stray.  Sadly it looks as though Enid was used and used for breeding and simply dumped when she no longer served a purpose. Backyard breeding can happen anywhere, so always be vigilant if you see people leaving a house with new puppies regularly.

Thankfully despite Enid’s trauma, she is such an affectionate girl who simply wants to be loved. Even in kennels, which can understandably be stressful for any dog, she has been friendly with everyone. The resilience of dogs never cease to amaze us! She’s already picking up basic commands and absolutely loves walks, even meeting other dogs with ease. If Enid could be the girl for you, you can find more details about her HERE.



#SundayDogStories: We LOVE older dogs and Gloria is no exception to this rule. Just look at those wise eyes!! A lot of stories behind them. Gloria is 8 years old and another Staffie cross who should be enjoying home comforts, not being picked up by a dog warden! Poor Gloria spent 7 days at a local dog pound until she was thankfully taken in by All Dogs Matter. Gloria was pretty traumatised from her time in the dog pound (as well as whatever she has had to endure prior to being picked up too). If only she could share the stories behind those eyes of hers.

Understandably Gloria is nervous but once she comes out of her shell, she showers you with affection, as the gang from All Dogs Matter have been lucky to experience. You could be lucky to experience this too if you think you could rehome or even foster Gloria! Patience, time, love and affection; this is all Gloria needs and doesn’t she deserve it?? We certainly think so. If you’d like to find out more information about gorgeous Gloria, you can do so HERE.


Thank you for reading this week’s #SundayDogStories! Please either share the blog, their pictures or their All Dogs Matter links via social media using the hashtag #SundayDogStories. Enid and Gloria would LOVE to increase their chances of finding a home. In the meantime, well done to All Dogs Matter for continuously helping dogs like Enid & Gloria, they’re so lucky to be with you. Sunday Dog Stories will be back in a fortnight…xxx