It’s the second of our fortnightly #SundayDogStories series and this week we are focusing on the stories of two dogs from German Shepherd Rescue Elite (GSRE); a UK wide charity which rescues and rehomes German Shepherds in need. If you read our first column for The Good Vet & Pet Guide earlier this week, you may have seen our review of the Golden Oldies Prizegiving ceremony where beautiful Buster, a former GSRE resident, won £4,000 worth of prizes! Buster was one of the lucky dogs who finally found a home but there are many others still in need…


In honour of prizewinner Buster, we’d like to focus on two other German Shepherds looking for a home from German Shepherd Rescue Elite. So without further ado, let us introduce the two stories of Murphy and Rockie!


#SundayDogStories: Handsome Murphy is a 5 year old neutered male who finds himself in need of a new home for a rather unusual reason…he pulled his owner over when being walked on a lead! It’s unfortunate, as obviously Murphy’s behaviour is a consequence of how his owner trained him (or didn’t train him) so he finds himself in need of a new home through no fault of his own, like so many out there. Lead control was one issue, now overcome thanks to German Shepherd Rescue Elite, as they took the time to work with him and help him understand he doesn’t need to be strong on the lead anymore!!

Murphy is now responsive and comes back to heel easily too. He is motivated by toys so this really helped with his training. Amazing how a little bit of time and patience can make all the difference! His strength issue wasn’t helped by the fact when he arrived at kennels he was extremely overweight. A new balanced diet now though means Murphy is healthy and fit. So the only thing outstanding is the fact affectionate and friendly Murphy needs to find a home! Could it be with you or someone you know? You can find out more information about Murphy HERE but in the meantime, have a little look at this gorgeous video of him having great fun playing with a frisbee!


Isn’t Rockie gorgeous?? Unfortunately Rockie hasn’t had much opportunity to show of his stunning good looks during his 8 years of life. Do you know why? He was never let out of the house!! No walks. No running. No playing. Not even a collar and lead! No vaccinations or neutering, with just plastic bottles and stones as ‘toys’. Just existing in a house, day in, day out until his owners had a baby and decided they didn’t want Rockie anymore. So in his twilight years, Rockie now finds himself in a completely unknown situation, when really he should be enjoying the remainder of his life. Since leaving his previous ‘home’ or should that be prison (?!) he has been in kennels, foster and even found a permanent home for a short time, but has sadly been back in kennels since October 2015; too long for an older gentleman, we think you’ll agree.

Given Rockie’s terrible lifestyle it is going to take a very special person to look after him, but then the best things in life are never easy!! His age and the issues he’s picked up such as being over protective may be against him, but hopefully by sharing his story, the right person may be just around the corner! Humans sadly made Rockie the way he is today, so it is our responsibility as humans to try to undo these issues and help find someone out there who is prepared to take Rockie for who he is and help him enjoy the rest of his life. You can find more information about Rockie HERE and in the meantime, we think his video below sums him up perfectly ‘I am what I am…’


Thank you for reading this week’s #SundayDogStories! If you could please either share the blog or the links to the dogs via social media using the hashtag #SundayDogStories, we (and Murphy & Rockie) would be so very grateful!! Social media can be so powerful, so hopefully we can all use it and try to ensure Murphy and Rockie’s stories are read by many so they can then find a home! Well done to German Shepherd Rescue Elite (GSRE) for looking after them so well in the meantime. There will be more Sunday Dog Stories in a fortnight…xxx