We can’t remember the last time we received a Valentine’s gift (don’t worry, this isn’t a sob story and you’re not about to hear a quartet of violins playing a sad song!!) What we are about to tell you though is how lucky Ted and Millie both were recently, as they received THE most lovely early Valentine’s surprise from our friends The Artisan Pet Deli (formerly known as The Pet Deli) as featured in one of our previous blog posts HERE. We just had to share this story with you as we were so touched to receive such a lovely gift!

Opening the box which was delivered to our door, Ted and Millie couldn’t wait to get inside (and nor could we!!)

[wpvideo NPEmuJ0d]

Once inside, the first thing we found was just the cutest Valentine’s card for Ted & Millie. Don’t you just love the design?? We certainly do! You can buy your own just like this, or one of the many other great designs, from the amazing creator Tabby Rabbit.


We found two delicious looking treat packets inside the box of Valentine’s delights! The first was from one of Ted & Millie’s favourite treat producers (Alfie & Molly’s) but this time in a flavour we hadn’t tried before; duck and strawberry hearts!! They LOVE them!!!


The second were completely new to us, but we had heard a lot about them, so we were so excited to try Fetch & Follow Strawberry Hearts. Needless to say, these were also woofed down with gusto!


Ted & Millie have indulged in many of the treats they received already but we’ll be making sure they’re allowed a few extra on Valentine’s day itself (if they haven’t eaten them all by then!) A big THANK YOU to our lovely friends The Artisan Pet Deli for the completely unexpected surprise! We’re so very grateful. If you’re still looking for a place to buy your own pup a treat or two for Valentine’s Day, you know where to head to! We can guarantee love really will be all around if your pup is lucky enough to receive either of the two treats Ted & Millie received.







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