Dogs are not only cute and adorable, but they often provide the inspiration to many dog related products and companies out there (we should know; Ted inspired us to create TWILIGHT BARK UK!!) Imagine though, how the loss of a dog prematurely could provide you with the inspiration to create a company. A company which tries to ensure others don’t endure the same heartache as you; by providing dog owners with only the very best of the dog world and which now reaches a huge audience each week! Well our friends from The Good Vet & Pet Guide know all about this (and we think you should hear their story!) So join us today as we tell you all about them and why their website could be a great place to visit if you’re a dog owner, veterinary practice or dog company!



Ted Great DaneWe all hate the feeling when our dogs are unwell but this feeling is magnified when under emergency conditions. Imagine your veterinary practice is quite far away and you desperately need to find someone close by, as time is of the essence? The relief once you find one is overwhelming!!! But what if the unimaginable happens. What if your dog dies overnight at this emergency practice. What if you feel there is negligence? Well sadly this is exactly what happened in the case of beautiful Great Dane, Ted. His owners consequently endured months of heartache. What if they had travelled 15-20 miles further to another veterinary practice where others had an amazing experience in such circumstances? Would he still be alive? These were common questions and after some time had passed, Ted’s owners decided to do something about it and try to answer these questions for others in a similar situation. They created The Good Vet Guide (now known as The Good Vet & Pet Guide!!)


The dog world is pretty huge and sometimes the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Which is the best veterinary practice? Where is the best dog groomer? Thanks to the joys of Twitter, where you can also follow us (!) we noticed The Good Vet & Pet Guide come up time and time again, as they aim to help with these types of questions! None more so than listing excellent 24hr Emergency Veterinary Practices. The Good Vet & Pet Guide have one goal: to unashamedly cheerlead all that is good in the vet and pet industry (and they have been doing so since 2010 and as a result have an incredible following from their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages). They’re not here to tell you about bad places or products, they’re established to tell you all that is good in the dog world (we LOVE a bit of positivity!!) The website they have created is a directory of everything you could need for your dog in your area.

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The Good Vet & Pet Guide take their listings very seriously to ensure no anonymous reviews can be included and you obviously can’t write a positive review about your own business, just one of the things they check via robust review moderation! Genuine, heartfelt reviews is all you will find here, so you can feel confident about what you’re reading! They offer a 5 star rating system so you can see the very best standing out from the crowd! For those thinking of listing their business, you can do so for FREE!! (Amazing!!) However, if you want to benefit from additional exposure to their ever-growing social media presence, the subscription is £100 per year and with a HUGE audience visiting each of their pages every week, you can see why many are signing up.


As if this wasn’t good enough, the website also has their very own Online Magazine, which hosts regular Q&A’s on a variety of topics, as well as posts from their regular vet columnist and other contributors raising interesting topics for you to read. Brilliant! They want all visitors to come away either learning something or being amused by something, with interesting content at the heart of what they do. Completely worth signing up to their Newsletter so you don’t miss out, which you can do so HERE.

We couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the regular competitions The Good Vet & Pet Guide also feature and the one at the moment is a bumper one!! £4,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs if you own a rescue dog (and even better, the rescue centre where you adopted your dog will also win prizes!) Impressed??!! We are!!! This is all in aid of helping showcase the needs of older dogs in rehoming centres, so they too can find homes they truly deserve. With prizes from the likes of Bib & Tucker, HOWND and Superstar Pets to name just a few, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to miss this! You can find all the details HERE.

So we think it’s safe to say The Good Vet & Pet Guide offer something for everybody and as you know, we love writing about those who have their love of dogs at the centre of what they do, and this couldn’t be more apparent than with The Good Vet & Pet Guide. While the loss of Ted The Great Dane was painful, the way they have used his passing to create something so positive for the dog community is only something which can be admired. It’s a big Paws Up from us and one to watch if you’re wanting to see the latest in the dog world.


On a separate note, we’ve got an exciting announcement involving us and The Good Vet & Pet Guide coming very soon. We will share this news with you via a new blog post and across our social media pages, so make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out. Very exciting!!!