London. Bright lights. Fun attractions. Great shopping…even for your dog!! In the heart of one of London’s most popular destinations, Covent Garden, you’ll find a little gem of a shop dedicated to our favourite four-legged friends. Let us introduce you to…Bow Wow London! Petite in size but in terms of popularity it is HUGE!! Bow Wow London won Time Out’s Love London Award for the Best Loved Shop in London last month. Not bad for a shop all about dogs!! So take a walk with us while we tell you why Bow Wow London should be at the top of your list of shops to visit the next time you hit the big City!


We popped in to visit so we could get the inside scoop about this rather special shop, as we wanted to see this Award winning boutique firsthand. While there, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Taro, one of the owners of Bow Wow London. As with any great idea, the inspiration behind Bow Wow London came from a dog (we may be biased, but they are the best source!) So we can all say a big thank you to Barney, the white miniature schnauzer for inspiring Taro and Jason to create such a fabulous shop!


It was a big risk to open this type of shop in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden as it is such a Central location, often most associated with tourists (likely to be without their dogs). This didn’t deter Taro and Jason though, who originally thought they’d open in Chiswick. They forged ahead and plumped for opening in Covent Garden as there was such a great space waiting for their vision (and a good thing they did!) It just goes to show, sometimes in life, you need to take a risk to reap rewards. This was just two and half years ago and as can be seen by their Award, they are growing from strength to strength.


The question should really be, what do they NOT stock?! Collars, leads, jumpers, toys, treats, even some rather unusual and extravagant beds. You name it, Bow Wow London have it! The shop is like an Aladdin’s cave of fun and practical products for your dog. As Bow Wow London are located in a cosmopolitan area, it makes sense their products are located from shops worldwide. Taro explained they are careful to source all products themselves to make sure they’re the very best for your dog. While we like to support all things British, it is good to see other products available from the big wide world. They do stock British suppliers too though! Yay! We think these dog beds are hilarious (but comfy too!!)



If you read our blog regularly, you know we simply love companies who are passionate about their business / products. Bow Wow London are certainly one of them! Friendly service like the good old days (i.e you’re not ignored or pressurised by pushy staff!) Instead you’re warmly welcomed into a world where your dog is put first (and so they should be!)

Whilst we were there, a steady stream of people popped in. Regulars and visitors alike. It was a joy to see the range of people and even their dogs who love to visit. If you want to join them, you can find directions HERE. Bow Wow London is THE only shop dedicated to dogs in Covent Garden. There’s no excuse to come home without a gift for your dog the next time you’re in London, now you know where to go! You don’t want to be in the dog house now, do you?!!


A big thank you to Alexandra from Bark & Beyond PR who introduced us to this marvellous boutique and of course Taro from Bow Wow London for taking the time to speak with us (and for Ted’s rather lovely treat, which he has already started to enjoy during the countdown to Christmas!!) We’ll be coming back to visit again!!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx