Imagine being kept in a dark, dirty, cramped cage. Imagine giving birth countless times until you can breed no more. Imagine not ever being loved. This was the life of two dogs; Lucy The Rescue Cavalier and Annabelle who were victims of puppy farming. Luckily Lucy and Annabelle have since found a home with their adoptive mum Lisa, where they are VERY loved…and we had the pleasure of meeting them! Hear how Lucy and Annabelle have turned their terrible experiences into a very positive one by not only helping raise awareness of puppy farming, but for the second year running, raising much needed funds for charities via the creation of a very special calendar so other dogs like them can be helped. So come on, let me introduce you to Lucy and Annabelle. Be prepared, these girls will melt your hearts…


Before & afterBefore we begin, we think you should be introduced to Lucy properly. Lucy was rescued from a puppy farm when she was approximately 5 years old. When she was found, she was in a terrible state; only 3.5 kg which is almost half the weight of a healthy cavalier; bald patches due to burns from urine soaked cages and a curved spine either from cramped conditions or due to fear. We think you’ll agree, no dog should have to endure such torture for the sake of any of us wanting a puppy (which we hasten to add, often don’t survive due to the way they’re bred). Take a peek at a short video about Lucy’s story below:


Annabelle 2Earlier this year Lucy’s mum, Lisa, visited a rescue centre with her neighbours who were adopting a dog. We think you can guess what happened next…the neighbours weren’t the only ones to return home with a new family member and with a face like this, we can hardly blame her! Lisa explained Annabelle literally clung to her leg when she met her and put those beautiful eyes to good use to make sure she came home with Lisa (Annabelle obviously could tell Lisa has an amazing heart and wanted to be a part of the family). Annabelle, like Lucy, had been rescued from a puppy farm where it is estimated she had been for most of her life. Despite suffering in appalling conditions (and nearly passing away from poor health associated with these conditions a short time after Lisa adopted her), all Annabelle wants is to be loved. The resilience and forgiveness of dogs towards humans is quite incredible. At approximately 7 years of age, unbelievably this will be Annabelle’s first Christmas in a family home. We just know she’s going to love it!


CalendarLucy and Annabelle were extremely lucky to be rescued from such a horrific way of life, but sadly there are so many others out there in the UK and worldwide who aren’t as fortunate. Thankfully there are some good humans in the world who are trying to help rescue more dogs, as well as campaigning to bring more awareness to puppy farming so it can, hopefully, be stopped. In order to support the work of these charities, Lucy and Annabelle along with their doggy friends Lady and Reggie (and a little help from mum, Lisa!) have created THE Must Have item for 2016…it is their very own Movie inspired calendar!! (If it’s not on your Christmas list yet, then fear not, there’s still just enough time to get your paws on one but be quick as they’re selling out fast!) With all proceeds going to fabulous causes such as Pup Aid, C.A.R.I.A.D, Friends of the Animals RCT and The Oldies Club we’re sure any dog lover would be pleased to receive this perfect gift for Christmas. If you would like to purchase a calendar you can do so by contacting Lisa via Lucy’s Facebook page HERE (which by the way, we would recommend you visit and Like any way so you can keep up to date with Lucy and Annabelle’s daily life, with lots of cute pictures of them too). In the meantime, take a sneaky peek at two of our favourites from the calendar!!


Sadly, especially around Christmas, there are many dogs who are used by puppy farmers to breed and breed, so cute, adorable pups can be sold to unsuspecting buyers. As with Lucy and Annabelle, we know the end result is often physical and mental torture but thanks to their positive attitude and an abundance of love, Lucy and Annabelle can now go on to live very happy lives (and believe us, we’ve seen first hand just how loved these lovely girls are!) With more funds being raised from their brilliant, light hearted calendar the proceeds can hopefully go on to help other dogs currently hidden in the darkness as well as raising awareness about 4 incredible charities. A big WELL DONE to Lucy, Annabelle and Lisa for their amazing efforts and incredible attitude. We absolutely LOVE our calendar and can’t wait for it to hang proudly on our wall. We really hope you all join us and have one on your wall too.

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx