So today we’re going to do something different (I know, we’re rather excited too!) We are going to do our first Q & A session!! Yay!! We think it is a fab way of introducing you to some of the amazing people we meet on our travels. We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to meet them and we think you should have the opportunity too (but from the comfort of your own home, office, bus trip etc; which is handy on these chilly winter days and nights!!) We’re really thrilled to be able to introduce today a brilliant up and coming doggy business, which we think you’re going to really like (we certainly do!!) Not only do they have great products, but they’re rather lovely too. The name…Teddy Maximus!!


Just in case you haven’t heard of Teddy Maximus, they are a fabulous British business offering beautiful products for your dog. Beds, dog carriers, coats, collars, leads…even bow ties and toy bones (!) all made from stunning materials which will make your dog the envy of your neighbourhood. The hard part?? Which style to choose! Are you a Pink Shetland Wool or a Liberty Print? Decisions. Decisions!! We’ve had the pleasure of meeting The Founder, Holly, several times now (including two rather fun dog walks with Ted and her Long-Haired Dachshund; the muse of Teddy Maximus!) We feel Holly has created a range which is rather special and we’re keen to share this with you! So without further a do, let’s get on and introduce…Teddy Maximus!!!



1) Tell us about your inspiration for Teddy Maximus.

I love dogs and I love style. I wanted to create something that was luxurious, fun and had a real sense of British heritage. I am always looking for new inspiration, from a great look book, fashion, people watching, boutiques, travel, art and interiors.

Teddy Maximus has been a true labour of love so it really is a brand with a genuine story that has a lot of heart behind it. Being a dog owner is a huge help meaning I have Teddy to road test all the products making sure that a great looking product is also dog friendly!


 2) We love the name! Tell us all about it.

Teddy Maximus is actually the name of our long-haired cream miniature dachshund who lives with us in London. His name came about because he really does look like a real life Teddy bear and he is incredibly soft. And Maximus…well, because he has a huge and wonderful character and it brings a sense of irony to such a little sausage 🙂 Teddy is also certainly a fussy dachshund when it comes to the style stakes, if it doesn’t get past him then you won’t see it in our collections! So for the brand it suits – plenty of character, British with a sense of luxury, fun and style.

Bed and teddy

3) What makes Teddy Maximus products different from others?

We bring style and luxury with a real sense of fun. Everything is really carefully designed and sourced, from the bridle buckles on our collars made in an English foundry to our dog beds which are handmade in England.


4) Have you always had dogs in your life?

Teddy was our first dog and we feel very honoured to have him. He has brought so much to our lives. His little wiggle as he walks, along with his big personality really makes people smile as we walk down the street which is great!

Holly & Teddy two

5) What’s your favourite product from the Teddy Maximus range and why?

That’s a hard one because choosing which products to launch with was super tough! I love it all, everyone seems to like something different which is really great. For me the carriers are becoming a signature product as well as the matching bow ties. Lots of people with smaller dogs even use them as indoor beds.  The signature print slumber beds and cocoon beds are great because you can remove the cushion and put them in the wash. 

Purple bag

6) Where can we find your products?

You can find our products at as well as selected luxury pet boutiques and online stores.

7) What’s next for Teddy Maximus?

There’s plenty more exciting things to come, we’ve had lots of requests for new products and we’ve seen lots of colours and fabrics that have inspired us recently, so stay tuned!



If that hasn’t managed to whet your appetite, then let us show you this! We’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you the DEBUT VIDEO from Teddy Maximus!! Take a quick peek so you can see their products in more detail. Aren’t they beautiful?!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this new way of us introducing new and exciting companies and their products to you. As you know, we only share what we consider to be the very best companies and their products, so should you decide to look into them further, you can feel comfortable we’ve given them a big ‘paws up!’ A big thank you to Holly for answering our questions and providing the beautiful photos and video. We are very excited to see what comes next in the Teddy Maximus story. We will definitely be following closely (and hopefully you all will too!)

If you want to shop for a Christmas gift or check out the Teddy Maximus range further, just click on the link HERE. In the meantime we’ll leave you with a super cute photo of Ted and Teddy together, following one of our fun walks. Dachshund buds for life!! Also, we would LOVE to know which of the products appeal to you the most. Maybe you like all of them?!! If you fancy it, why not click on our poll or comment below.


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Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx