You may recall we attended the amazing Pup Aid event in September which raised awareness about the cruel puppy farming trade in the UK, as mentioned in my blog (be sure to read all about it if you haven’t already!) While we were there, we met many great charities and companies, one of which was The Artisan Pet Deli (formerly known as The Pet Deli; a fabulous contemporary pet food store with a difference! I was subsequently approached by Hayley, one of The Artisan Pet Deli’s lovely co-founders, who asked whether Ted would like the opportunity to try some more of their products (we bought some treats while we were at Pup Aid so jumped at the chance to try some more and tell you guys all about it!) Join us today so I can introduce you to your dog’s new best friend – they’re certainly at the top of Ted’s friend list that’s for sure!



Before we start I’d like to point out we take product testing very seriously (it is a real privilege to be asked, especially as this is our first so far, but be assured our review is based on trialling the products honestly). If your dog is the same as mine, they LOVE treats (a bit too much actually, so I have to be careful how many I give him!!) Unlike most dogs though, Ted is actually quite fussy about what he likes and dislikes, so I was even more intrigued about what he’d think of the products from The Pet Deli! As I mentioned, this is a company with a difference. The products they sell are not mass-produced or artificially enhanced. They’re about getting back to basics by providing products which are as natural as possible (natural feeding is something The Artisan Pet Deli are very passionate about!) Why should humans be the only ones to eat good food?!! I completely agree! So let’s have a look at what Ted received in his box of goodies!!


The first thing to point out was the fast delivery! Hayley confirmed when the products would be sent and when we could expect them and, true to her word, they arrived exactly when we expected. This is not something to be taken for granted, especially when you’ve got an excitable dog waiting for his treats! We were very pleased about this.


When we received the knock knock on the door from ‘Postman Pat’ (although no ‘Jess The Cat’ in sight!) we were pleasantly surprised by the packaging, especially as it was personalised for Ted (we thought this was a lovely touch). Having always relied on treats from our local pet superstore, this is the first time we received food products via a delivery and we were impressed (we hadn’t even opened the boxes yet!) Have you ever received deliveries for your dog or are you like me and rely on your local pet superstore? Maybe this will change your mind…


When we opened the main box, there was a smaller box inside to ensure the goods were protected. Once inside there were a feast of goodies which generated lots of tail wagging, sniffing and general demands to hurry up and crack them open! The hardest decision was deciding which to open first!! Before doing so though, we opened a lovely personalised card from Hayley (did you know The Artisan Pet Deli also supply greeting cards and gift ideas?!!) Our beautiful dachshund card was made by Lucy Alice Designs and can be found on The Pet Deli’s website. There are cards and products for all dog breed lovers though, so take a look and see what you think!


So what did Ted & Millie think of their special delivery? Find out what they thought of four delicious treats from a range of brands, which should get your dog’s mouth watering! Delicious!!


Antler bakes (Apple and carrot training treats: £2.79)

Green & Wild’s Antler Bakes are simply perfect as treats to pop in your jacket pocket when taking your dog for a walk. They’re small so not too bad for the waistline (!) and easy to keep on you at all times! They have minimal smell so they don’t linger on your clothes which some products do, plus they’re heart-shaped so they’re adorable! What’s not to like?!! The bakes are also wheat free with no added salt, sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives; just some great fruit, vegetables, herbs and antler powder, all of which have health benefits such as healthy skin and preventing bad breath (something Ted needs help with!!

Rating 8/10


Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats (Perfectly Behaved Liver: £4.00)

Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats are a firm favourite in our household (we actually bought some at Pup Aid but it was great to receive some more!) We use these as another perfect treat when out for a walk with our four-legged friend, but perhaps if you want something to use as a special treat or to reeeaaaalllly distract them (Ted can sometimes feel a bit anxious around other dogs/people so these are great to distract him as he can’t resist the smell!!) They’re easy to snap so you can make them as big or small as you want, depending on how much you want to feed your dog. It’s also worth noting every time you buy a bag of these treats, Beautiful Joe’s donate the same quantity to a rescue centre!! As we’ve seen from a small selection via my blog, there are a lot of dog rescue centres, so this is a win win!!

Rating 10/10


The Dog Treat Company (Joie De Vivre: £2.50)

Despite Ted being somewhat fussy at times, he enjoyed all of the products but out of the five he seemed to prefer the others over this one from The Dog Treat Company. The consistency is different; this was quite hard compared to the others, so he really needed to chew it and break it down rather than inhale it straight away (this was probably his only problem with it as he likes to get the treats down as soon as possible!) I actually think it’s important to give foods with different consistencies though so this is great. I should think these treats are good for their teeth as there were a few jagged edges which were part of the consistency of the product. The ingredients are ethically sourced human grade ingredients including chicken liver, oats and free range eggs and once he’d broken it down, he certainly ate it quickly and was ready for the next one! This product isn’t on their website yet but it’s Coming Soon!!



The Innocent Hound (Sliced Venison Sausage: £4.95)

The Innocent Hound product we tested is really great as an extra little treat for some really good behaviour! Ted LOVED this and so did my mum’s mini dachshund Millie (in fact she tried her very best to scratch open the plastic container and get inside as she was so keen to try them!) These are meant as a complementary pet food for adult dogs (e.g. add 5 – 10 per day as part of a balanced diet) however, we used them as a special treat instead. Very popular and the speed with which they were eaten implies to me they were very delicious too!!

Rating 8/10


Alfie & Molly’s (Herby Salmon Flapjacks: £2.99)

Alfie & Molly’s Herby Salmon Fishcakes were by far Ted (and Millie’s!) favourite product (perhaps slightly less mine, as it is a little smelly, but it is totally worth it when you see the joy they bring to their faces…and tummies! This is ideal as a special treat rather than an everyday training treat. They are soft in consistency and packed in specialist packaging (which is a little fiddly to undo) but ensures they’re as fresh as the day they were made! They are gluten and wheat free and also have no preservatives, sugar or salt. They also come in beef flavours which are firmly on Ted’s list to try! I can’t even rustle the packaging slightly without Ted and Co. being by my side in a flash, as this is how much they love these flapjacks. I personally think these would be an ideal stocking filler for Christmas and are very reasonably priced too. Yum, yum, yum!!

Rating 9/10


Ted & Millie have simply loved testing this wonderful selection of products from The Artisan Pet Deli. It is more than apparent they have carefully selected the very best products for their online store and this will no doubt stand them (and your dogs) in very good stead. The Artisan Pet Deli is relatively new so please do support this growing UK business (take it from me, your dog will love you even more if you do!) The Artisan Pet Deli are so passionate about dogs and ensuring they receive the very best nutrition; with products like this I have no doubt in my mind The Artisan Pet Deli is one to watch!! Why don’t you give it a go if you’re like me and haven’t tried it before (they’re even offering Free Delivery on orders over £25.00, so why not stock up for Christmas!!)

I do feel sorry for our postman though as Ted & Millie will think it’s The Pet Deli at the door every time and will no doubt show his disappointment when the postman comes to drop off an electric bill instead!! THANK YOU to The Artisan Pet Deli for giving us this great opportunity to try such fabulous products. Here at Twilight Bark UK, we’re careful who we join forces with as we want to ensure you’re exposed to the best. For our first product review, I’m pleased to say we’re more than happy to give the Twilight Bark UK stamp (or should that be wag) of approval to The Artisan Pet Deli! WELL DONE!!

Sarah, Ted & Millie xxx






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